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AnyHub - Simple, Free File-sharing Service Offering Uploads Sizing 10 GB

While there are many popular file-sharing services like Rapidshare, Hotfile and Megaupload they all limit upload file-sizes to few GB's, AnyHub - a new simple and free file-host is now here allowing users to upload files of up to 10 GB at a time and that too forever (until any TOS violation is reported) without any registration.


The service does not provide any premium offerings now but plan to do in future, however promising that free users will still enjoy current features as it is.

This is service worth trying to what are you waiting for visit AnyHub and start uploading.


Does not work for me. It showes:
"504 Gateway Time-out".

it is good for sharing file for limited day or month because after that it told to but a primeym user accounts for continually share file on site..

but i giving thanks to that told this to there register user so that they use this site for shared there file when this is free

so thanks

On 1st tried got an error :-

504 Gateway Time-out

Thanks for share, I'll try...

it shows service unavailable

try another one, like

it is really useful for me, thanks for share.

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