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[Exclusive Giveaway] AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro - Advanced Disk Manager for Windows

As an all-in-one disk management software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition comes with more than 30 brilliant functions and has many special functions to tackle common troublesome disk issues such as - low disk space in system drive, the conversion between GPT and MBR, common disk partition tasks, smart partition alignment, one-lick OS migration to SSD, easily creation of bootable CD and many others.

AOMEI Partition Manager

Here's an opportunity to grab this fully featured, all-in-one Windows partition manager utility worth $36 for free under an exclusive promo for our readers.

Some excellent features in Partition Assistant Pro Edition:

* Extend Partition Wizard: This option can help to extend system volume without rebooting system, and just several clicks can extend system volume easily and safely.

* Migrate OS to SSD or HDD: This wizard can migrate the current operating system to a new disk without reinstalling.

* Allocate Free Space: This function can help to directly allocate some unused space from one drive to extend another one regardless of location.

* Create Bootable CD: It can help to launch PA Pro in Windows PE. Thus, the hard disk can be managed well even if the operating system crashes.

* Merge Partition: This option merge two adjacent drives into one. Also, it is workable for unallocated space from any existing drive.

* Create Partition without Free Space: Although the hard disk has no unallocated space, it still can create a new one.

* Apart from these features, it can also realize the conversion between GPT and MBR, primary and logical partition, align partition, wipe/resize/move/delete partition, etc.

Windows System Supported:

* Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, Windows PE and newly released Windows 8

All in all, it proves to be a strong, trustworthy partition tool for Windows users. Its powerful yet simple enough to be used by all users.

To grab your free copy of this utility under an exclusive promotion for our readers visit the promo-page at - The promotion will end coming Monday (05-11-12) so grab it before it's gone.


I subscribed, got email from feedburner, confirmed on feedburner website. Over an hour with no download link. Is this a scam?

You registered at the wrong place, read the post above carefully and register at - to get your key.

Thanks for your response. I did what you said and the website responded:

"Thank You!
You will get the full version download link and activation code in several minutes. Please check your email. (:"

That was over 12 hours ago and no response.
(I just did it again in order to get the above message text to send you.)


Here is the official response from AOMEI :

I'm sorry to hear that, Pls. ask people to check email in SPAM folder. If still no email please email We will send the license one by one. Please explain it in your post. Thank you!

I sent email to with an explanation as requested in their comment. I have had no response in over 12 hours.

I did receive all the emails that were sent to my address by megaleecher, and they were not in my spam folder, so there is no problem of that nature.

It sure seems as if aomei is just harvesting email addresses and has no intention of delivering free licenses as promised.

Thanks for trying to keep them honest.

Cathy Woo of Aomei's sales dept. responded to the above post with a download link and serial numbers.

The program and serial number worked perfectly (and seemed to open with my drive layouts a lot faster than their competition).

Thank you Aomei and Megaleecher!

P.S.: She said there was no record of receiving either of my registrations. Perhaps they were in their spam folder. ;-)

i registered about five or six times my email address from mentioned giveaway link, but no response at all. just the same text every time:
Thank You!
You will get the full version download link and activation code in several minutes. Please check your email. (:

just no response :/

maybe .ee domains are blocked? why? ok ... but didn't received nothing into my hotmail account, alos.

so, my question is, did anybody at all received a response with download link and activation code from aomei?

p.s. i'm not dumbuser. tip: look inside your spam folder is too easy :P

It's sad they are not delivering what is promised, I contacted them and it seems they are just overwhelmed with the response and should be delivering keys soon.

As suggested above, pls. email them asking for the keys.

countdown starts as i send email to sales at aomeitech dot net
personally i'm not positive about getting any answer from them. if there were errors in automating the send link task, and there are no easy-to-get method for retrieving information (from webserver logs) about giveaway registered users, or such information dosn't exist at all (faulty script in registration page?), easier them to ignore the mess (as it is only giveaway and generates no money, only expenses) and maybe organize after while another promotional giveaway

Hi Xe Tal,

This is AOMEI Technology. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't receive the license. Anyway, there is a big mistake in the email address. Our company's email is, not It seems that the domain is wrong. So, please send the email to the right one! Thanks!

By the way, this activity is not a fraud. It is really existing. Sorry to bring much inconvenience for you. Please contact our customer service soon.

AOMEI Technology

thank you for your respond :)

i send my query at 2012-11-07 03:25 (local time, +2h global) and i received answer from sales at aomeitech dot com at 07.11.2012 07:33. assuming time is corrected in email server level, i got my answer with download link and activation code within 4,25 hours. clapping of hands!!! haven't tried the software yet, but the file is accessible and downloads within seconds ;)

the email address in my email was correct (ie sales at aomeitech dot com)

so my problem is solved. and what to learn from this episode? let's say: when automated task fails (registering email addresses and replaying to them), there is a huge amount of human work to correct it (or just ignore the case and go on).

anyway, i'm satisfied at this point :)

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