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Apple Sued For False Advertising "Millions Of Colors" On MacBook

Apple Mac BookApple is being sued for using false advertising stating MacBook LCD's supporting millions of color's, while in reality MacBook's LCD is only 6-Bit translating to 262,144 colors only, it is also surprising to know how Apple is using cheaper 6-Bit LCD's instead of 8-Bit considering the high price tag of MacBook's.

Via: Dailytech


Apple itself is just one gigantic overpriced piece of garbage. Mac's do have their own use, but in the end a well built, and often cheaper PC can do the job better.

Take for example my iPod Classic. It is indeed a great piece of hardware. iTunes though, messes it up. I try to add movies and it goes on the fritz. I use an alternative program and BAM, victory.

Funniest of all, the graphics card they put in the highest priced Macs, the ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO.... is what is in my computer right now, and it is mid to bottom level gaming and video editing wise. I will be upgrading it, thank god. If I owned a Mac with this in it I would be screwed. Dont believe me that its the graphics card they use in the best Macs? Go build one on ^_~

feel free to fight me about this lol, I dont mind an argument. But, chances are, I wont be reading this same thread again. Hope this was to your amusement.

yea try run the best performance of osx on ur pc, fagget.

yea its a big piece of garbage considering they make some of the best electronics in the world dumbass

OS X is poor performance-wise, and Apple makes the worst electronics in the world, then sticks the Apple logo on them and sells them at prices so high, that people think they are buying good hardware and software.

And since 2006 Macs have used pretty much the same hardware as PCs...

Have you ever tried one?
Because I don't think you have.

And I'm never going back to pc, whatever you say about performance and hardware - If you open a mac laptop, it takes three seconds before you can start using it. If you open a pc laptop, the fastest startup time I've experienced was ten seconds. But usually it's closer to a minute, and even then you'd have to wait for the program to load.

And Windows design is so ugly.

> And Windows design is so ugly.

Typical mac user.

a typical dumb user in his case

I can win this argument with ONE word. Linux. There, I win. $uck it.

Windows Rocks - i do so much more then you can even do with a mac - tons or software - extreme gaming, and much more.. now the fact that most people have pc's is true that is why hackers and virus software is written to attack the windows based pcs.. so they can attack the masses!! as Mac os becomes more popular - hackers, and virus writers will do the same for it.. if your worried about it then dual boot with Ubuntu / Linux and you'll have the best of both worlds.. and upgrading a PC is a def. plus with all the hardware and drivers available for it.. Macs never impressed me.. esp. to the extent of lets go buy one and pay for all software and an outrageously high priced / over priced computer and software - pay pay pay and take take take is apples motto - after-all isn't open-source better!!

.. im an A+ hardware and software tech and windows pc is my Choice and preference.. You can build out a barebones at a fraction of the cost of a MAC - sorry mac maybe in 15 yrs - by then Google os will already surpass..

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