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Diskeeper HyperBoot - Instant On Technology Increases PC Performance By 118% Cutting Down 54% In Booting Time

Diskeeper LogoDiskeeper is an well-known name in disk-defragmentation software segment, and the company has now came-up with something very exciting - their latest HyperBoot app can bring-down Windows start-up time by more than 54% increasing overall system performance by 118% as claimed and demonstrated by the company in a Live lab test (video after the jump).

What HyperBoot does is that it physically remaps Windows boot data on the disk-drive bringing it closer for minimizing spindle access delays, the application also continues to optimize Windows as new application are installed offering overall PC performance boost including faster shutdown times.

Already partnered with ASUS, the company has announced to provide its new HyperBoot(TM) "instant-on" boot time technology as a pre-installed feature partnering with worldwide OEM brands, the latest version of HyperBoot works with Windows XP and Windows 7 supporting hard-disk drivers and solid-state disk SSD) drives.


where i can download it ?

its g8 can we get a free version it for a try ???

where is the download option ????

Nice story, maybe the author could give a link to the site next time.

yes... from where i can download it ?

wow its cool
very nice

where i can download it ?

Please send me the link

yes, ther is no download link, come on!

Please tell me where i can download it from

download from

there's no option in the site for hyperboot!

Here can download Free Trial version with valid email...

There is NO DOWNLOAD option.

Read the article again people!!

"Already partnered with ASUS, the company has announced to provide its new HyperBoot(TM) 'instant-on' boot time technology as a [PRE-INSTALLED FEATURE] partnering with worldwide OEM brands". ONLY get this with the purchase of certain laptops / netbooks.

I even went to Diskeeper's site myself, and there is NO product information for HyperBoot, meaning you can't download it.

Send me Download link

The person above me is a major dumbass.

The person above the person above me is a major dumba$$.

It's already partnered with ASUS, so all you have to do is download ASUS on your computer then install it :p
(Just telling a joke, don't try to do it OK ? :D )

Please Send me download Link

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