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Solution For Stuck Jobs In Queue After Successful Print

We have already shown how to get rid of those annoying stuck print jobs from print spooler queues, if you are facing the problem where print jobs are not being deleted from the queue box even after getting printed here is the cause and solution to fix it.

Stuck Print Job Queue

The reason and solution for these stuck print jobs is that Windows allows users to keep printed jobs in queue even after successful printing and you just need to disable this behavior to clear the queue as demonstrated below.

Follow Instructions Below :

  1. Goto "Devices and Printers" configuration section of your OS and right-click your printer selecting "Printer Properties" option.
  2. Printer Properties
  3. Switch to "Advanced" tab, and uncheck "Keep printed documents" option.
  4. Change Printer Properties
  5. Windows wont save/display the successfully printed jobs in queue from now on.

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