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Still Dream About Having A iPhone? Not After You See This Amazing Concept Line Phone.....

Impressive concept phone - full video after the jump. Also, don't forget to watch the end-part.

Concept Phone


Pretty wicked idea but it'll be expensive. And whos concept?

the concept and ideas from 2 guyz in Maldives and China.. Actually the real idea came from Maldives

It has an obvious china quality to it, I mean, connect a few phones together to get a bigger screen? That a Great Idea! But how much would these cost anyway and will they actually "stick" together? Will they really be able to be games like that? Or even run Photoshop? They look way too long to fit in any king of pockets too. All in all, it just look impracticable. It will probably sell a bit in China, but I don't expect these to be much of a success elsewhere.

: >>> This is really really really really nice. And invented in China?

Wauw! I like it :)

invented in china?! you must be kidding-right?!. most probably it was copied in china, like everything else that you guys steal...

Copied? from what exactly? I haven't really seen anything like that coming from us - westerners so far.

relying on sensors from the sides for input, so how do you hold the phone then?

dream on..

I completely agree with you - this concept might look good, but it's really impractical, and is very hard and takes a lot of money to realize. I'm sure it's yet another Chinese attempt to become even richer.


i'd definitely get one!

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