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Conductive Pen To Sketch Circuits Of Your Choice

Technology is developing by leaps and bound daily, we are seeing things which we never expected would be part of our lives. Here is something similar which could have a big effect on technologies we use in future - a conductive sketch pen used to draw and use electronic circuits.
Check out the video demonstration for the full picture.

Conductive Sketch Electronic

Thanks to "Blaaze Artifex" for sending this tip.


Yeh this is cool, Im a DIY guy. I have issue with electronic repair, No matter what i do i cant seem to redesign a new trace when one is broken on a board. People say a simpler way to fix that is to jump the broken trace. But on a board with multi layer of copper sandwich between layers to drill through would be breaking another trace. I always wonder if thier was someway to lay a layer of tape over the top of the broken trace and design away to draw a trace. Wonder what pen is he useing???

Btw you can also use whiteout to cover your new form trace. Whiteout is liquid form paper :) it works when you trip a trace.

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