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"Crisis Aversion Tool " Lets User Reset Windows Settings, Services, And Permissions

Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT) is a portable freeware solution for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users enabling them to fix many Windows errors by resetting Windows settings, services, and permissions to default values.

Crisis Aversion Tool
Crisis Aversion Tool

Crisis Aversion Tool

A must have utility in every advanced users computer fixing toolbox, Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT) is available for download at -


Thank you very much!

thank you very much.

Some freeware tools besides combofix and wurtbeta.exe were needed badly :)

3 detections on - BEWARE

Only 3 out of a total of 41 engines flagged this so this would most probably be a false alarm, I personally used this on my computer and found nothing malicious.

Since this software allows you to change settings that usually malware changes, it might be triggering this false alarm.

thank you very much....

Avg Internet security 2011 shows this as a virus so i wont be using this sorry but thanks any way

thanks very much for this software


Awryt, Here's what happened to me after I started using this software. I have this Transcend pen drive(4 gig) which my computer never reads. So, I thought of plugging in the Pen Drive and rectify the error using this software and I go to "FIXES" tab and check the "FIX USB drives not displaying". The aftermath of this was that NONE of my other flash drives were being read in my comp (Not even after rebooting).

That was one of a feedback, here's another one. I Check on the "TAKE OWNERSHIP OF A FILE", browse file to "Crisis Aversion Tool"(CAT.exe, well I thought i would take owner ship of this file because it always prompts message asking to allow the file to open it when i double click it) and then the logs showed that the process was successful but when I tried to check by closing the file and then opening it again, it didn't open at all and when I shutdown my computer and restart it, the windows 7 logo shows up and the computer reboots continuously when it reaches this point. Then I had to go for a System Restore and then everything is fine. huh (A big sigh of relief)

"TAKE OWNERSHIP OF A FILE" has nothing to do with "prompts message asking to allow the file to open it when i double click it" - so please for the love of god stop posting stupid non-related shit. Look it up has to do with Execution prevention. So please stop it.

Oh well! I cannot open this download? Suggestions please.

looks good thx for it

Thanks very much, I don't need it at the moment, but it will be there when I need it!!

mooi programma

nimd4's picture

Looks gr8, but also Deep Freeze has been around 4 quite some time

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