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NetworkPasswordDecryptor - Free Utility To Recover Forgotten Windows Network Passwords

Nagareshwar Talekar is a talented security expert who has written several research papers and had developed utilities like SpyDLLRemover and GooglePasswordDecryptor - this time he has successfully decrypted the 'Windows Credential Store' making way for recovering stored passwords of Windows network authentication, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger, Remote Desktop and Gmail Notifier. The free utility named NetworkPasswordDecryptor instantly decrypts and recover passwords stored by any version of Windows starting from XP to Windows 7.

Windows Network Password Decryptor Main Window

If you have forgotten your saved password NetworkPasswordDecryptor can recover the following information for you :

* All network authentication passwords stored by Windows.
* Basic/Digest authentication passwords stored by Internet Explorer
* Google login password stored by GMail Notifier
* Remote Desktop stored passwords.
* Exchange server login passwords stored by Outlook.
* Login passwords of Windows Live Messenger

Once decrypted you can also save the decrypted password list in TEXT and HTML formats :

Windows Network Password Decryptor Report

The research paper and tool can be downloaded from here.


Can anyone please send me this file

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