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Wireless Electricity Gets Ready To Light-up Cereal Boxes And Make Packaging Smarter

Just thinking about the concept of Wireless Electricity opens a plethora of possible applications in your mind and thanks to recent developments by a technology called eCoupling the future of Wireless Electricity looks possible.

While the concept of induction based wireless electricity is not new it has been demonstrated in practical use only now, imagine a eCoupled powered packaging that not only displays information but also transmits the same to smartphones and personal computers wirelessly telling you how much orange juice is left in pack or alerting you when it is about to expire, If this is not enough how about some eCoupled powered soup which gets cooked in it's packaging.

Wireless Electricity

Want to see wireless electricity in action?, just watch the demonstration posted below.


eCoupling? It's so new that it won't show up in Google.

Albeit, by the time most people read this, it probably will.

C'est la vie.

That all looks very nice but surely this is the wrong direction in terms of packaging? It's crazy that commercial packaging has been used to showcase this emerging technology rather than something practical that no doubt eCoupling can be used most effectively.

I am of course assuming that what we are seeing is something of a gimmicky example of eCoupling technology, as it otherwise goes against the global effort to reduce our carbon footprint, or carbon offsetting where reduction is impractical. But electric food?

It seems it is good, maybe work with the pollution of the planet currently which has so affected us, I hope this technology helps make our planet better.

Cereal's already expensive. Once the box is finished, you throw it out or recycle it. Why add to the cost of the cereal by putting it in light-up, useless packaging? Is the idea that your kid will see the flashing packaging in the grocery store and throw an even bigger fit if you don't buy it?

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