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Apple iOS 4.2.1 Released - New Features, Fixes And Official Direct Download Links

Apple iOS Firmware Update 4.2.1 is live now available for public downloading, the new build fixes several security issues and comes bundled with new added features and improvements.

iOS 4.2 Upgrade

A complete list of new changes and additions is as follows.

iOS 4.2.1 new features :

  • Multitasking on iPad - iOS 4.2 brings multitasking from iPhone and iPod touch to iPad. So you can be more productive as you work, have more fun as you play, or do a little of both. Everything happens smoothly and efficiently — without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily.
  • Folders on iPad - Now your iPad has more room for more apps. Move apps into folders with drag-and-drop simplicity to declutter your Home screens and keep your apps organized for fast access to your favorites.
  • AirPrint - AirPrint makes it simple to print email, photos, web pages, and documents right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. A few taps is all it takes to go from viewing it onscreen to holding a printed copy. There’s no software to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect.
  • AirPlay - AirPlay lets you stream digital media wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to your Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled speakers. So you can watch movies and photos on your widescreen TV and play music through the best speakers in the house.
  • Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — the MobileMe feature that helps you locate your missing device and protect its data — is now free on any iPhone 4, iPad, or fourth-generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2.3 Once you set it up, you can find your lost device on a map, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, and initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. And if you eventually find your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can restore everything from your last backup.
  • iTunes TV show rentals
  • Even better Mail - See messages from all your accounts in a unified inbox, organize messages by threads, and open attachments in third-party apps.
  • Find text on web pages - In Safari, you can do a quick text search to find and highlight specific words and phrases on even the longest web pages.
  • Notes with fonts - Customize your notes using different fonts — Marker Felt, Helvetica, and Chalkboard.
  • Keyboard and dictionary enhancements - iOS 4.2 includes support for over 50 languages and dialects, with more than 30 new international keyboards and dictionaries for iPad.
  • Enhanced enterprise support - Businesses can take advantage of stronger security features, new device management capabilities, and improved enterprise integration.
  • Messaging with text tones - Know who’s texting without looking at your screen. Choose from 17 new alerts and assign custom tones for people in your contact list. (iPhone only)

iOS 4.2.1 Security Fixes :

  • Multiple vulnerabilities were fixed in WebKit, CoreGraphics, Configuration Profiles, FreeType PDF rendering, iAd content display and email app components of iOS.
  • A complete list of all the security fixes is available here -
iOS 4.2.1 Direct Download Links :

WARNING : iOS 4.2.1 seems to be enforcing baseband requirement and can render your phone without a carrier-unlock, read more here.


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