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“Lust, Caution” - Movie Downloading Spreading Virus

P2P networks are once again getting targeted by fake video uploads intended to infect the user computer, we had done a similar story earlier on the blog - "3wPlayer Infected Video Files".

This time a Chinese anti-virus company has issued warnings against infected downloads of Ang Lee’s hot spy thriller movie - “Lust, Caution”, the video file when downloaded and played asks user to download the codec which is a SPYWARE, here is a comment from a downloader at a popular torrent website.

"DO NOT DOWNLOAD the codec, it is a Virus that installs NETADV TOOLBAR to your IE adding a new panel to IE, as a toolbar, do not click any buttons, find the NDV.dll and research NETADV TOOLBAR on google for all related .dll's in Windows Folder and then perform a CCLEANER [program] registry cleaner to remove all the extra left overs, including a temp clear. Just incase you did install the codec [Advance Media Codec.exe] you will notice it wont even have a shortcut/files/.exe or anything.."

Lust, Caution - Se, jie Still

Trailer Video:

The movie is attracting lots of downloads thanks to the uncut version containing steamy violent sex scenes but keep in mind Chinese doctors have cautioned not to try some of the more ambitious sexual positions from the film.



How do I download movies from Megaupload ?

download by Internet download Manager

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