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Best Duplicate Image Finder - Exclusive $400 Worth License Giveaway

Duplicate Image FinderMindGems Inc. is giving away 10 licenses of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO (VSDIF) Exclusively to our readers.

VSDIF is rated the best duplicate image finder on major photography and software magazines and web sites.
VSDIF Outstanding Rating

What is so special about Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder?

As the name already suggests this tool can find duplicate and similar images based on content analysis regardless of the image format, size, dimensions, colors and so on. What this means is that even if you have copies of the same image with modifications applied to it like color correction, crop, retouching, change of file format or watermarks it will still be identified as a duplicate of its original image.


Visula Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

The main three benefits from using this tools are:

  • Organize your image collection
  • Save valuable disk space by removing duplicate images
  • Search for similar images inside your image collection by sample image

The tool support all the popular image formats (jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, tif, tiff, fax, g3n, g3f, jp2, j2k, jpc, j2c, tga, targa, vda, icb, vst, pix, pcx, bmp, dib, rle, wmf, emf, ico, cur, wbmp, pxm, ppm, psd), plus more than 300 RAW camera formats ( *.crw; *.cr2; *.nef; *.raw; *.pef; *.raf; *.x3f; *.bay; *.orf; *.srf; *.mrw; *.dcr; *.sr2; *.dng; *.erf; *.mef; *.arw). For complete list of all supported image formats please check the company's web site as a subset of the most popular formats that it supports is included here

The scan process is pretty straightforward and consist of adding the folders to be scanned in the folders list at the right pane, choosing a scan method and similarity percentage and hitting the "Start Scan" button. Below are noted some of the key features and important options of VSDIF in order to get the maximum out of this tool.

Duplicate Photo Similarity

Once you add the folders to be scanned there are some handy options that you can tweak. In the folders panel you can exclude some folders from the auto-check feature. This is handy if you would like to preserve the files in some "'source"' folder(s). You can also "Disable Self-Scan" for certain folders which means that files inside will not be compared against each other. This is a neat feature if you want to compare folder A against folder B.

Duplicate Image Finder Add Folders

Scan methods are "Visual Compare", "Hash (100% identical files)", "File size", "EXIF Date Time". The first method is the most powerfully feature of VSDIF and requires a percentage of similarity to be set that will be used as a threshold when identifying duplicates. The next two methods are pretty explanatory and we will not focus on them. The fourth method "EXIF Date Time" is also a neat feature for photographers. What it does is to find images that are taken in burst mode or in other words identifies files that have date and time closer than a specified period of time. This means that if you set a threshold of 5 seconds all the images that have time stamps closer to each other than this threshold will be grouped together in the results. VSDIF is a "Must Have" tool for the disk cleanup process.

When the scan process is complete Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder will list all the duplicate files sorted by groups of two or more files in alternating colors. All the information is neatly listed in columns that can be rearranged in order to suit your preference.

The tool provides a handy auto-check feature that can mark files based on date, size, age, type, dimensions and more.

Your default file viewer can also be invoked via the VSDIF context menu or the file can be located in Windows Explorer. An in-program rename option is also available.

Once you are done with the review of the results you can choose whether to move the files to a certain folder (backup), delete them to the recycle bin or completely remove them from your hard drive. If your files are organized in folders VSDIF will also maintain the folder structure of the moved files in the target location.

The other important feature of VSDIF is the Image Search:

Image Search - MindGems

The purpose is to find images based on a pre-loaded sample(s). In order to use it the folder to be searched should be added in the folder list. The feature is activated via the "Search For Images" tool button that presents the dialog above. Here the images to be found are loaded and hitting the "Search" button lists all the similar image in the main windows list.

Cleaning up duplicate images can save you gigabytes of valuable disk space and using such tool is a must.

You can download the demo version of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder for free here:Find Duplicate Images.

The Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO costs $39.95 to buy, we have been provided with 10 exclusive PRO licenses for our blog readers so if you are interested in it do post in the comments below to get a chance to win a license. Winners will be chosen on random basis among all the commenters. End date for this giveaway is 15 FEB 2013.

UPDATE # Winners announced, contact us or comment below to get your activation keys.



just what i've been seeking -- hope you draw my entry :)

Fantastic bit of kit

Guess It Will Help me to clean my pc


nice post, i would like to be a one license winner, keep the good work
this will help me a lot


really want to win this...
app looks cool..

It would be nice to gt a licence. Thanks

Thanks for the info and opportunity. Looks very promising

This would totaly be usefull for me since i a photo junkie. Just love taking photos now sorting and finding them will be so much easier!

count me in

This sounds like a really great tool to have. I have always been perplexed by eliminating duplicate and not so duplicate photos. I have so many of them and the files are getting a little too difficult to manage.

This software would really solve my problems.

I want to win this give away

Hi Megaleecher, I'd love to get a free copy. Thx

Really nice giveaway, like all ones in this site. Keep on good work, and good luck to all the participants. :)

I want this

Im am interested in it

I want it

I want it :)

This giveaway looks great.

I want it :D

Dear Friends,

Please count me in for beatiful software.


i like it

Maybe this will help me organize my photos. They are in such disarray.

I very interest about this software. I have a huge of image, sometimes it's double. With this software, i want to find the duplicate

Thanks for this giveaway better way to find photo duplicates without errors.

Really an excellent system clean up tool. Found 'thousands' of dups. We just don't always realize...

I want this licence . I have lots and lots of photographs stored in my PC . I really need this software to find the duplicate ones.

helllo, I have a collection of thousands of photograps, when I backup my photos y do 2 additional copies for security it is impossible to have the resulting 3 copies and I need to purge at least one copy, I've try to complete this task in the past year but is it a very demanding job ... this software will really help me to organize my photo library ....
Would you give me one of the free licenses?
I'll be waiting for your comments
Best Regards

- Quick Installation
- Works well on all my PC's (XP/Win 7)
- Easy to use (for all kinds of age groups, No knowleged needed)
- Light weight also
- Easy un-instillation.

Will definitely recommend this software to anyone.

I would like to have a chance to receive it :) I'm a photographer so it might have great use.

Any product to help cleanup duplicates...

I would like to get a free licence for Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO. Thank you in advance.

Please consider my entry for the license drawing. Thanks!

This is a kind of first software that i have come across.. and the introduction about this was really good.. i was amazed by this one especially.. I will now use this one because i always liked to have a tool just like it, but i am afraid that it may use a lot of cpu as it scans through all the pics. Eager to use the licensed one..!!

Hi, Please count me in. Thank you in Advance!

Goed gerief

Hey, I could really use this program good, so I really want the serial. Thanks in advance!!!

It would be of great help, if you provide me a copy with license

What a fantastic tool, have been needing a product to help sort through all of those endless images that have been collected. Then we affect those images in many different ways with re-naming to save the changes without loosing the original. Your article hit it on the head with exactitude!

Please send on my way.
Thank you,

WY Guy

I have so many images that need to be organized!

Nice Giveaway
Hope to win

Nice Giveaway
Hope to win

Nice Giveaway
Hope to win

It's really great opportunity to get it free. It's really too good to remove the duplicate images from hard disk. I will be very happy if I am one of the luckiest to get it. Thanks Megaleecher for sharing. It worth.

I would love to get that Duplicate Image Finder license.
Thanks Megaleecher.

i would love the full version of the software,easier for me to find duplicates of edited images on my system

I'm interested in this software please.
It sounds perfect. I've got 10,000s of photos due to previous backups and attempts to sort them, I've actually only taken about 1-2000 photos, so this would be great to help me remove duplicates. Thanks.

WoW! Would definitely love to try this... :)

Fingers crossed!!!!






I need a giveaway for my photos!

Sounds like it could be useful weeding threw all the gigs if Pictures saved on my Drives so please toss me in the hat

Thank you so much for wonderful giveaway!

Nice one!Count me in!

My dupicate photos are taking up many gb's on my hard drive. I could really use a premium program like Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO!!

Thank you,

Nice program.
Thanks, megaleecher.

Looks like it is good staff,after that they can find you all over the internet,just looking for a photo.
And there are a lot of places like,google+,picassa,fac(k)e book a.s.o.
The rope is getting tight around our neck !!!:>:>:>

Pick me!

I need one, Thanks!

Iam using duplicate filter I think it is great but would realy like to have
Visual similatiy finder pro

Very good and useful soft. Thanks for giveaway.

This would be a great asset to use to save time and space. ツ ☢

So I can delete all duplicates of my images. Awesome!
Does it work for Apple computer?

I would like to test such a programm

I downloaded the demo and ran it in my pictures folders and was amazed at the number of dupes it found.This is a great time and space saver. Thanks for the offer. Excellent software.

I have tested the Demo version of this very handy,compact,tidy and very useful great little software and find it to be a Boon for serious photographers shooting hundreds of snaps routinely.It is a worth acquiring software for keeping your portfolio slimmed down.

vs haritsa

I could use this to prune my photos! Thank you.

Awesome, I would love to win a license. I have way to many pictures on my computer, probably a lot of duplicates!¡!

Great software! Thanks for this giveaway!
Count me in please!

Hope this software help me to freeup some of my harddisk space. Thanks for Meegaleecher Team,,..

Thanks for wonderful graphic software.Please count me in.

I like what this program does. It's a trim piece of software tightly focused on its mission. Not some bloated, swiss army knife wannabe. I like the way it uses several different approaches to match up the images. Now, if they, or someone would make a piece of quality software (like this one) for identifying duplicate music files.

Id like to use this this program. I got a lot of stuff downloaded from usenet and the web and there are bound to be some duplicates

Wow. Downloaded the demo version and am really impressed at what VSDI does. I have images scattered over 9 different hard drives, many, many duplicates. If I don't win a copy I think I know what I'm going to be saving my spare pennies to buy next!

this tool will come in handy, i have a lot of image collections, and it still growing in number.
please count me in.
thank you very much.

so weill see


i want this sopware
please count me in

This software will come in handy especially for me. 1 License of VSDIF, please :D

VSDIF license, I like it :)

I would love a copy please. Thanks so much for doing guys rock!

Best Article!!

oh what a great softwarre from, i just want the permanent lisence of this software. oh computer! please select me for this chance :)

Well like usual Megaleecher just offers the best free licences there is to get on the net. Way to go and keep it up I hope to get a licence and will appreciate it very much. Still keep up the good work Megaleecher

This will help me clean my system up and manipulate and organize my Photos better. Love to have this software :)

Thanks for the opportunity.

I want this app desperately !

theyre every where! sneaky little duplicates

Very interesting software! Haven't heard about it before. Thank you for the review and the giveaway! I would be glad to win a license!


thanks for contest add me to list.

thanks count me in

I hope to win one license.
Duplicate Image Finder PRO is very good software.


let me have it

Thanks for this post. I hope I win. I'm selfish like that.

Lot of features in one place, surely I want it. Thanx.

Thanks alot for the chance nice software.

the best software for this purpose

Thanx for this review and gieaway.
Count me in of course.
Best regards to all...

this would surely help me get through sorting the thousands of pics i take...hopin!!! :)

this would surely help me get through sorting the thousands of pics i take...hopin!!! :)

Being an amateur photographer, I could really use a software like VISDIF pro. I have tried the demo version just this morning. It is a very useful program.

Thank you

Great Software..Seen the demo. Need to win this one.

thanks for the giveaway

Ooh , I cannot Believe That it worths 400 dollar, surely i will be happy if i can win a license.#

well its luck check time !

:) Hope i win me !

Thank you very much

Make me a winner! Just this time please...Love it,need it...Ty anyway!!!,for the chance!!!pozdrav,bok!

Its a good software to find out duplicate images from computer.

Nice SW... thanks for the info

really want to win this

This looks great, yes please.

Good to have this software,

Good to have this software.
Thanks megaleecher for the giveaway.

Awesome giveaway for sure .Thanks ML.


Thank You


Would like my name entered in the draw.Tried some free versions of duplicate photo finders but didn't even work so well as your demo.


Thanks for the entry in your contest

Count me in. Thanks.

would help and free up 200 gigs and save me hrs of searching and deleting grrr

Thanks for the giveaway campaign. Hope I'm the lucky one!!

Would be great to get a licence for this wonderfull piece of software!


The winner list is now updated above, comment below or contact us to get your key.


Good day,

Thanks for the great competition, This is my first in winning something. How can i winning retrieve my key?

Kind regards,

(+27) 084 231 9193

Hurray... I got the email that i had been chosen randomly as I had opted in the Megaleecher and MindGems Inc. giveaway..

Send my first name and last name...

waiting for the license...

Thank you Megaleecher for the great sharing... and

Thank you MindGems Inc. for the nice giveaway...

hello admin,

I had my name in the winners list, and got a mail from MindGems Inc.
I replied that mail with my first name and last name...
It had been 3 days passed..
But I still didn't got my license...
Please send it as soon as possible..
I am eagerly waiting for it...

i'm in the same boat... responded to the notification that i had won, but have had no reply.

please advise :)

me too

Thank you so much, received my license, congrats to all, many thanks to mindgems and megaleecher.

Thank you so much Megaleechers & Mindgems for this wonderful opportunity.

Tank You Very Much Mindgems and Megaleacher for the give away...
I am so glad to have a professional copy for free of cost..
Thank you very much once again..

the license and download link arrived today.

thank you very much :)


I responded to the email notification with my first and last name as requested. Thank you for the free license. I look forward to receiving the activation key.

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