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Magically Control Your Computer With Hand Gesture Using Flutter App On Windows And Mac

Imagine the fun of controlling your computer using hand-gesture's just like Jedi in the Star Wars movies, Flutter is an free application for Windows and Mac computers which enables you to do exactly that and that too without requiring any specialized hardware or sensor. The Flutter App uses your computer camera to recognize hand gestures allowing controlling of application actions from a few feet away without the need of any keyboard or mouse interaction, the utility specially comes in handy for controlling audio/video playback and presentations from a distance.

Flutter App
How flutter works
Download Flutter For Windows and Apple Mac :


This looks awesome, seen the similar technology in in a webcam based game a couple of years though. Glad this tech is being revised will make hands free communication much simpler and more quality of application with day to day things like playing music. Honestly clicking the next track manually isn't hard but doesn't have to make you stop even for that slip second, that what makes me love it!

its realy magic ......

This does not work at all, unless there is something I am doing wrong. Watch video 4times. Help!!!

Dint work for me either. Waste of time.

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