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Free Licences For Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Home Movie Making Software

The DVD video format is a good choice for sharing photos and videos on TV and even web considering high speed internet access these-days. Anyone who has a DVD player could watch photos/video on TV easily, sharing on web such as YouTube, Facebook etc. is also a popular option helping you keep in touch with friends and family sharing your precious memories. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is one such DVD movie maker allowing users to organize, personalize, create and share their photos as a movie. With over 300+ different styles Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is definitely the fun way to have your photos shared.

DVD Slideshow Builder Standard costs $49.95 each to purchase, and we have 25 free licenses to giveaway - do grab this chance to make your memories unforgettable.

DVD Slideshow Builder Features :

Ease of Use

DVD Slideshow Builder couldn't get much easier to use. You just need import (drag-n-drop) your contents, and it's ready to rock, even allowing one-click burn to DVD or output as video feature. The movie styles are impressive and auto-generates Hollywood-like movies effects. The software does not provide a direct YouTube upload feature but does support all YouTube video formats with 100+ preset profiles optimized for all regular mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, etc.

DVD slideshow builder

Photo/Video Editing

Photo/video editing tools are also important and DVD Slideshow Builder allows you to edit any photo and video on storyboard/timeline with features like trimming, rotating, adding filter effects, audio mixing, red-eye removal, adding captions, etc. These tools are very helpful. Adding animated titles is also super-easy. Just input your texts and select the preset text effect (similar to Wordart), and the titles display on screen to help you tell your movie story.

Menu Creation

DVD Slideshow Builder includes a wide range of DVD menu templates for wedding, baby, vacation etc. With a comprehensive set of menu options, you can chapter your DVD movies, add background music, and set animated thumbnails. Now, don't need to be a computer proficient to make a good-looking DVD menu to display on TV for easy navigation.

DVD Video Quality

The DVD movies created with DVD Slideshow Builder are excellent. You can watch the high-quality DVD with any standard DVD player. And thanks to the PAL and NTSC standard supports, there are no difficulties on international playback compatibility. The DVD menu is clean and clear on TV set. No hassles happen while navigating the DVD. HD video output is also supported for sharing on YouTube or burning to DVD with third-party burning software.

To get a chance to win a free copy of Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder simply post a comment below (with your email) telling us WHY you require this product or what do you think about it. Please note that The giveaway will close in 7 days and the winners will be chosen based on the comments.The license is a personal license and given as full version with free of charge, but do not enjoy the free technical support and upgrades .


i think that wondershare is a great software company. for its standard version of this software, it is quite good already. however i require the extended features of the deluxe edition like specific timings for each photo.

Ow!It is a great giveaway.I would love to use it.Simply because this program is easy to use.Thanks so much

Great giveaway :)
Why you require this product ?
I want to do a slideshow for my grandparents with photos from my vacation, because they don't have a computer.
What do you think about it ?
It is very easy to use. I love that you have some much visual effects and sounds (like the ocean, rain, etc.). Ability to add you own music is a great feature.
best regards

I got a video camera of my one I love to video, I also present on my school, high school about my presentation this will make more wonderful arrange. I saw many pro doing this, I try myself a lot but it was impossible for me.

If I had this soft it will make my work best of it.
Thanks for providing free license.

great giveaway,thanks!

Thanks for the opportunity of winning this software. I have many pictures of children and grandchildren I would like to make memories of. Thanks again.

Sorry this is correct e-mail address.


Looking for this license from long time

the name itself suggest that it's really a wonderful thing to have a " Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder" in your wonderful world.

I require this because i am in a need of Storing my memories for permanent and i found that this is the best of all the softwares.. and as i am a subscriber of megaleecher, i came to know that this awesome software i being distributed for the people who are lucky. So please make my luck turn into the best. Thanq

I require this slideshow builder as I can make DVDs of my photo albums with a nice theme and can show it to my grandparents when I visit them and also gift my parents a family album on their anniversary.

In short, I feel DVD SlideShow Builder is the perfect software if you’re looking to make simple, sharp-looking slideshows. With additional features, quick and useful help support and results that are more professional and more ways to share its slideshows, Wondershare Software would be software to reckon with.

200+ 2D/3D transition effects and Ken-Burn effects to make slideshow look awesome;
160+ DVD menu templates included with Full registered product;
All-in-one burning tools for burning DVD;
quick and useful online live support;

so please count me in lucky if i get one.

i am desesperate looking for dsb 6.1.11 serial, i beg you help me, bless you


i found it quiet easy to arrange photos and put music when saves your time and effort.the wide range of video format it supports is impressive. It’s really a simple product yet efficient.
like the pan and zoom options. A novice user can make professional looking effects and get synchronized audio/music in the slideshow.

It has in-built trim, rotate, crop and flip functions, auto-adjust function to customize brightness, contrast- making it the most desirable All-in-One product.

Great soft to share and to immortalize memories with family and friends, plus a prof can use it to prepare lecture for many purposes.

Thanks for the giveaway contest.

We have a large family with volumes and volumes of photo albums and home videos. It would be great to organize everything together into a few videos with all our memories inside. :-)

Last year in November, I had my first School Reunion (after 13 years). I took a video but it required many editing to be done. I wanted to create a video but I have no professional Video editing experience. I've enquire for a professional service from a Video Editor but they charge with a minimal fee of MYR350 = USD113 and it doesn't necessary going to meet your demand/expectation especially not with your own personal touch to it. I decided to go for a DIY approach.

I have tried several trial versions of basic video editing software but none as great and user-friendly as Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. It allows me to trim/adjust, adding text/photo/audio/effects as I go and even converts it into a viewable format. I'm very satisfied with the trial outcome but I couldn't find the software available in any computer store around town. This is just the opportunity I found on the internet today!

Personally, this would mean a lot because the Reunion was held together with a surprised Birthday party for me and sharing this video with my friends is my token of appreciation towards their effort in return.

I never expect WONDERSHARE was so WONDERFUL, I just need to SHARE it with all my friends of the special moments and memories we had during the REUNION all captured into one Slideshow/Video.


I want to make the memories of all my photos, family n friends. Just this i can say. sorry, my english very bad.

hope i can win... : )

To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward.That's possible by DVD slideshow builder

So Long time waiting to get somethink that I can use it, its so nice if you give me a key.

Looks interesting, I'd like to try this.

Hi guys,
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder according to yourspecs and comments sounds like the software I could really use and help to have differnet options to slideshows, which after a while get kind of boring because of limitations. Bring on creativity support!!!!

I love this software but couldn't afford it
i had used a trial version of this its a great software
so please mail me the licence
Thank you

I would really appreciate this. I downloaded and installed Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard 6.0.0 from GiveAwayOfTheDay ( day before yesterday and was really starting to get into it and then problems with my computer caused me to lose it. The correction to my problem did away with the program and just left the installer on my desktop, to late to activate.
Also, I can USE it, not just play around with it.
Thanks for this offer. I subscribe and read your mail everyday.

I am a retired individual living alone in Florida. I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. I would like to use this program to create some family DVDs using old photos and movies that I have to give to each so they have a keepsake as they get older. Some of the grandchildren never had an opportunity to meed their great-grandparents or great great grandparents and it would be a great opportunity for them to see these generations that have gone before them.

I need it to organize videos and to edit my pics. I give my comments about this software after using it.


Omg I want that my cousin and I are making a tv show called The Blah Blah show and we need this thing omg omg I will be commenting all day!!!

Well be posting videos on facebook and you tube so watch! Trust me it's hilarious. Last time we were making them we were laughing so hard omg I have never laughed so hard in my life I think we should be comedians!

I am looking forward for a software like this as it will Help me much in creating a DVD of my brothers upcoming wedding! & also in my NGO youth group!
and this is an Wonderful software as it has all the features needed and much more for a software of this kind. I would say this a perfect fit.

Seems like a decent dvd creating application.Would be helpful in putting my homemade videos to dvds.

I want it :P

post it to

Thx P

iam serial

I want to know, how can you give me this software full version free of charge?

First, I would like to say that I don't speak english so good, so sory about the mistakes...
In our school, every year we have a great show in the end of the year. This year, like the last year, I sit behind the scenes, near my machines and computers, and responsible of the musics, the huge screens and the lights. Tthese year is the most importaint year, caouse these is our last year at these school, after tree yeras. It may be amaizing. I tought it will be nice if we can use the Wondershare program, and not to use simple effects on the clips. Addittional, we will be able to make a nice clip of pictures of all 200 pupils, who will be so happy to see the movie that made in "Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Home Movie Making Software". Finaly, I would like to say that I read your massages on emails every day, and enjoy every time again and again. By the way, I wants to know, how much computers this lisence will give? Becouse we work at school in few computers, and one at home.
Thank you very mounch!

hi megaleecher i wan this software because i want it and it is a very good software and i have heard about this software that it is a very good software.

To be honest I have not tried Wondershare but have used Muvee reveal and was very imressed with that. My wife and I holiday a lot and like to make a movie of our experiences. Can Wondershare cut the mustard?


this is the best program, my friend has it and i always wanted to get it,i hope that i'll be lucky enough to win a license. thank you megaleecher

i am looking for editing programs for our stuff in order to select a few for some of our projects

i am a student who is interested in video making but cant get a genuine license for this product so i can get 1.

no word to comments...

only, i want it.

will u give the chance to the First Commenter ??


Bueno, trabajo en una escuela y me seria muy util para hacer buenos montajes

I've heard excellent reports about this software & it's ease of use. I've been on the lookout for something like this as my bro in law is now in the States & we both have extenive photo collections we share to keep in touch especially watching the kids grow up.

Hope i'm LUCKY

Since I saw the DVD slideshow that my mate makes with here holiday photos I love this software.I tried the trial and it's very easy to use. it's great and I love background music, add voice over.
it makes nice work in wide screen formats,it's the perfect application to immortalize my memories.

I love this product. Have used their trial version before and liked it very much.
~ appreciate your awesome postsas always. FF

I want win a free copy of Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder because I am going to a joint birthday party with six birthdays to be celebrated, and I want to create a slide show of this party.
Thank you very much... RePete

I would really enjoy using this program which looks extremely easy to use and not have to waste hours trying to figure out a program such as this works.

I am seeking for a good video editing tool for keep the memories of our picnics etc.

I am seeking for a good video editing tool for keep the memories of our picnics etc.

As per name of the software it seems to be wonderful from the above article
I use other some softwares but this seem to be very much user friedly.Me and our family members are fond of photography as such this software will be very very much useful
Keep it up for such softwares Best luck
Anil Deshpande

WHY: because i love this program and i used it with trial version before.

HI, and thanx for this opportunity, I require this product, because i've been a non professional filmaker for many years now, and eventually will go professional. this software will be perfect for me to edit and complete all of my movies from now on. I've also been a megaleecher fan/member for quite sometime, and this organization is the best thing to ever happen to the internet as far as I am concerned, I am constantly giving this url out to all of my friends family and associates, even people I dont know. but anywho, thats why I feel I deserve a copy , thank you

I was in search of a good video editor and a slideshow builder for me. When my eyes struck this article, I feel this software will help me to do video editing with less effort. This software comprises a video editor plus a slideshow builder, whereas I am now using 2 or 3 softwares for that purpose. I am really tired of make jumping one video from one software to another by saving an edited video, then opening it in another software, and so on. This software decrease the work as well as save the time. Wide range of nice glossy designs and menu templates attracts me most. The video output of this software may be used for TV, iphone, youtube etc. So this software is really nice one.
It will be good if you provide one free licence for me.

Mohammed Ilyas

I need this software because, I have small handy cam given to me by a friend I am unable to create movies add music and edit. I have a lot of online friends to share the photos and other videos, also I am a humanitarian worker, hence it will be easy for me to record and edit and send some of the intolerable inhuman scenes I see in my day to day life. I come from a third world country. I can't afford to buy these softwares, hence please I am entering in this competition

I would really like to try this one out, I have my neighbors photos that I need to make a sideshow and put on DVD

Thank You

I deserve one of the free copies because i am a loyal megaleecher subscriber, i love megaleecher, and honestly dont know what my life would be without it, this is why i deserve a free copy.

I wish to get this software, because I take videos and pictures vith kamera and I can make it togethev
oo a video

Bst regards


I've got the Standard edition on my PC. If the Advanced edition is being offered, that would be a great upgrade!

The software is very good

My mom is 89 and always wants to see photos of my sons. Sharing photos with her in MO when I live in TX has been almost impossible as she has difficulty remembering how to operate her computer or open email attachments. But I *have* been able to teach her how to load and watch a DVD, and this software would be a great way I can get pictures of her grandsons to her.

Why: Because I'm a top fan of and most of my tips are gotten from here, I plan to have fun and try with this software because it looks nice and perfect for my slide shows I produce. Thanks!

would love to win
as I would love to create dvd for my friends birthday

With software as good as DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Home Movie Making Software, even I could be discovered. The abilities of this software makes up for my lack of abilities and gives me the edge I need to be noticed in a crowd of videos. With HD support and and such a wide range of templates, everyone needs this software, however I need to win it.

Hi Team,

It will be helpful for us to prepare educational videos from the pictures to educate Hip Knee Shoulder problems easily.


This product seems like the perfect software having all the entertainment needs. Other titles only have one tool for the same price. It's such a great experince having everything at your fingertips with 1 software title. I hope I can get 1 of the licenses because it would be a great tool to use at school with my media magnet.

hi sir i want sireal key

I would like license of Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder to make up a unique slideshow of my sisters wedding photos to give to her of her special day. With this products great features of timeline and filter effects it should turn out great.

Thanks you.
I'm wanting to participate as I want this to create a slideshow of my photos and also i can do editing and create a menu.
Please count me in.

Mr. G.T.

thanks for the giveawy. It woudl be helpful for me to create videos and photo slideshows for family memories,and sharing with friends.

please count me in.

john. d

I've been looking for a good software program to put a good video presentation for myself and my friends. But, most cost an arm and a leg. I hope I might win for all of us. A simpler and better way.

Great. Just as we need it. My friend are having his marriage next 2 months and she need help to make slideshow of their old photos, from childhood til married. I think I'm gonna try this one also when I had the chance :D

Thank you.

I wanna see my best time snaps and videos with my close ones,, i think its great to see those things on a big screen than on a 17" monitor....
well Wondershare has done fabulous job by bringing such a product which is so useful..

Great minds produce great products...they also think great in terms of sharing a great product...great work guys !

i love photos and movie maker tools... i am a designer but i love movie making and photo editing this company is already may favorite one... i am using its trial since 3 months so please if i can have one i will be really thankfull to you.......

thanks in advance..

great giveaway!
would like to try my movie-making skills. thank you so much!

It's a great giveaway!
I would like to try my movie-making skills. Thank you so much!

I wants this to enjoy photoes of my family tour & birthdayparty,
I always liks this company bcoz its makes very fine swt. that worthwhile for us..I am currently using wondershare democreator { free verson } for my personal use. And i like it tooo much. Sir, Plz send me mail for it. I will need it.
Hopping for favourable reply,
Yours faithfully,

As the Name itself depicts, that it does wonder wonders to your pictures and needed a lot, because I usually have to submit my college reports on dvd in the same old manner i.e. through powerpoint, but with this I can do a lot more than that. I can edit my pictures of my parties and show it to friends and family in a very convenient manner.

Great giveaway i really want to explore more with my photos and videos plz give me one

its coll. very nice.

It's a perfect media managing tool,,i'm a rookie though i can get what i need,,the thing is wondershare delivers and fulfills expectation,,then of course i'm a fan too...

Hi my name is Sreenath i am from India i came to know this offer from "" it is a great website,for past 1 years i am using "DVD Slideshow Builder" Demo Version it is a great software and it is a user friendly also for the past 1 year i created many slideshowes from it and i shared this software in my website and i Thank the DVD Slideshow Builder Team for creating a great software.

Thank you for all the emails I have received and continuing to receive from you.

I have noticed your recommendations are valuable and the best, and since you recommend DVD Slideshow Builder for us I think it is worthwhile to give it a try.

Thanks a lot.

Hi MegaLeecher

I would like to enter your contest on behalf of my mother.
She takes alot of holiday pictures and also more and more small video snapshots. From what I have seen so far and learned from the program, it seems to be very easy to use and I think that she would very easy get the hang of it and just love it. Then she can create those great looking holidays-DVDs she loves so much with smooth background music.

Thank you MegaLeecher for having such a great contest, so please count me in.

Great way to allow my elder friends to see our vacation slides without a computer

Thanks for the opportunity of winning this software. I have many pictures of children. I would like to make memories of. Thanks again.

you guys are doing a great job1!!! thanks a lot!!

I tested this thoroughly and in truth, it is a good program, especially Deluxe version. What I need a license for? My parents-in-law live far away and they don't know how to use a computer. I will use this program to put the holiday pictures of their grandchildren in a slideshow and burn that to a DVD, which I will send them, so they can see the kids play (and wave to them) on their TV/DVD-player. Would be great. Thanks in advance.

I tested this thoroughly and it definitely a good program. Why I want a license for? My parents-in-law live far away (Canada) and they don't know how to use a computer. I will use this software to put the holiday pictures of their grandchildren in a slideshow and burn that to a DVD, which I will send them, so they can see the kids play (and wave to them) on their DVD-player. Would be great. Thanks in advance.

My mum needs a better dvd program building and this could fit the bill!


I think For Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is a great program to share our precious moments ... I used to make edits to my video and share it with all my friends and also good and necessary influence what I could do this sotfware .. Similarly it would be a great opportunity to win .. God Bless

I really enjoy using this program which looks very easy to use and does not need to waste hours trying to find out a program like this work...........

I would love to get a hold of this software. I recently came back from my vacation and took like over 2,000 pictures and this offer would be a great tool for me to use and make my picture movies. Definitely count me in for this nice offer. Good timing on the giveaway.

Wondershare is for its power tools in video editing so I really like this program because I'm always make a video of my relatives when we have a reunion or in vacation.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Never used such a product. Would be interesting to see how it works and use it's features for some cool creativity.


A big thanks to you and Wondershare for this new giveaway opportunity.

I have and am using Wondershare products so I also gave this new product a try myself (for trial 6.0). The 1st try was with photos, as I had to prepare a DVD for my Mom from her recent trip to my place. I found that the software does not have any limitations on the number and total size of photos in any given slideshows. It does also allows to have multiple slideshows in one single DVD, which helped me categorize different trips and still have them in a single DVD, but in different slideshows. The transfer and processing of almost 100 photos per slideshow (3-4mb each) was pretty quick on my XP system with 1Gb RAM. Please note that only the Deluxe verion supports TIF, TIFF,GIF formats, Transition Effects and Photo Duration capability. I was very satisfied to find everything built in without having to process my photos before building the slideshows. It has in-built trim, rotate, crop and flip functions, auto-adjust function to customize brightness, contrast- making it the most desirable All-in-One product.

Not to forget were the funny cliparts (both still and animated) which I added to my slideshows to depict the moods and also add some humor.

Last but not the lease it has thumbnail preview of photos (and also videos) to see them before adding to a slideshow.

Appreciate if you count me in for the Deluxe version.


i want it too

I've been trying to make slideshows not only of family photos (which we have thousands of, on computer and albums) but I've been taking photographs from one position of trees outside our house, and then piecing them all together to form one video, and throw on some fancy effects on top to show how it grows. But I've noticed now that Windows Movie Maker isn't really equipped to have anything look good! I would really appreciate having this tool. :-)

I skate and makes skate movies and al the free suck soo hard. so if i want to be a realy good to make skate movie, I need a good one.

Really I like applications like this one
I enjoy making personal and home DVDs
I think I will do a good job with ( Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe )

I hope that I will win a license and more!!!


I have many photos and i want to create a DVD for family and friends! Thanks


I think a TV is one of the best ways to watch pictures. This software is a nice bridge for performing this.

Thanks for counting me in.

I live in California and the rest of my family all live in Utah and the only way I can share my life with them is through photos of places I've been and things I'm doing. This software programs sounds wonderful for putting all my photos on disks to share with family and friends. Thank you.

I used the trial version of it and it was a monster software for editing videos and pictures

I think this software is best of all because it makes the work easier and we don't have to make everything complicated in editing thank you for this software

i would like a copy of this wonderful program to to make dvds out of my many albums of pictures and share them with family and friends

Hi MegaLeecher :)
Thank you very much for the license.
I have recieved it.
Now I only need to teach my mother how to use it. I'm sure that would be like a walk in the park. :D

Best Regards

@MegaLeeher Admin please sent me link to download soft and License key.I want to test this.
I have a lot of Pic to Make Movie.
Thanks very much

I confirm receiving the registration information.

Thanks to admin and Wondershare for this kind opportunity to use their product.


Please share one licence to reel our life on digital media

thx in advance

OMG..i love this wondershare software and i must say it is so easy to use,i have used a trail version of this software n you wont believe my fiends n family members were so much impresses to see my work on this software but actually they dont know it is so easy for me to do just because of this software hehe :)n now i want this license.

Thank you so much..!! :-)

Hi, Im in Australia, I am starting a not-for profit based business to create cherished keepsakes for members of the local community where i live, I am currently using Photo DVD Slideshow pro and would really love a better program.

The importance of capturing loved ones on a DVD slideshow is enormous! My family is very dear to me, and I'd like so much to bring us together to enjoy precious moments viewing our closeness and history. We've shared much together, the good times and the hard, and these memories will play a part in ensuring that we have made it this far in life. Recently, my brother and his wife had a beautiful baby boy. Wondershare will help in allowing this newborn to become part of the photo-history of our family. Thank you for allowing to share my intents and thoughts.
Much warmth, Victor

Hi, dear all, i am a secondary student from singapore. I really really love this software, but cannot afford to buy it. Can anyone help me pls !!!!

I was searching for a long time the best software to make a slide show of my school farewell photos... But now is stopped searching, because i found this software Wondershare DVD slideshow builder...

I want to make videos showing my art work to the world & including soothing & healing music for the soul. Wondershare is so much simpler to use than other programs i've tried & has wonderful effects that would allow me to create the perfect kind of ambiance to share w/the world. I am certain I would use my wondershare for many, many years to come & Fully enjoy its professional quality & many features. For me, wondershare would be the gift that keeps on giving! :)

Please please let me win one! My grandma's celebrating her birthday 4 days from now, and what she really asked of me to give her was a compilation of all her photographs since childhood, and I would show it during her party. I googled softwares that will help me be able to do this, and I got to downloading the free trial. I was able to create and personalize every single picture, of about 500 pictures, for more than a week now. And then as I was about to save it, I found out I needed to purchase in order not to have the watermark. But I couldn't afford to register, because I'm still a student. Please oh please help me!

i want this software very is the best software i have ever seen... Please please let me win one! Wonder share is so much simpler to use than other programs i've tried & has wonderful effects that would allow me to create the perfect kind of ambiance to share withe the world.
I was searching for a long time the best software to make a slide show of my friends ,and some great place photos... But now is stopped searching, because i found this software Wondershare DVD slideshow builder.
i love this wondershare software and i must say it is so easy to use,i have used a trail version of this software n you wont believe my fiends were so much impresses to see my work on this software but actually they dont know it is so easy for me to do just because of this software hehe :)n now i want this license.
Please share one license to reel our life on digital media
please please let me win the license please please

I really really really need this awesome software, i use it for making church , home, children videos and also for the purpose of educating young ppl in subjects related to the bible in our church and also regarding the social care towards the society.
to encourage young ppl to take care of the needy on this earth by collecting pics of poverty and making ourselves available to help all in many ways.

I make these videos clips to educate young people like me and make ourself available to the poor and needy in eradicating poverty and strengthening their feeble hands to strengthen others.

I you can give us this software, it will surely used for eradicating poverty by educating young ppl.

Thank you.

i need free registration key for my wonder share plz.

I dont know if any license key is left or not but if yes i'd appreciate if you send one for me too.

i wish to win the license cause i wanna make my baby boy pictures and give it to him as a gift on his birthday so i hope to get it and thanx any way


i know i may be late but I'm going to try anyway...if there was any chance that this free license is still available I'd wish if you guys could send it to me please...i really need this program so badly and i need its full features because i'm making videos on teen depression, self harm and suicide to prevent it from spreading among the young kids and this program is great for this job ....

thank you,

to the provider of wondershare photo slide, please send me a free license so that i can use ur software as wonderful flash thank you. very 'much

it is a great software and i really want to have it.

i've been waiting to this software since last week,but when i downloaded it i realized that it wont work well if i did not buy it,there's always a watermark..hope i can have it because it is really easy to use.Thanks...

Just as the name has it "Wondershare DVD slide builder" is indeed full of wonders. It's an amazing user-friendly software that enables one to import, sort, arrange and transform images in the best possible manner. I would simply love to get one of the giveaways since I love this program so much.

Love this software tried the Trial and ;( my times up ;((

please send me a registration activation code for wondershare dvd delux slideshow builder. pleaaaaase..

Wondershare is one of the DVD authoring software. Nice control for adding music, effect, and clip art. I want to show the DVD made to my friends but the watermark is too big so he was not able to appreciate the quality of the DVD.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow software is very very well for making photo slideshow
but Video clips not supported this
so, pls. try the supported video clips for this software

It could be very helpfull if I have a DVD Slide Show software to turn my own pictures to the shows.
Please send me a licence at
Thank you.

It could be very helpfull if I have a DVD Slide Show software to turn my own pictures to the shows.
Please send me a licence at
Thank you.

Hi there. please send me a copy of license for DVD Slideshow Builder DELUXE. i'm making a video of my brother and sister-in-law's wedding.. please :)

I have few more days to spend here with my family. before i leave i wanna share them our memories thru photoslideshow. i think this is the right tool to use. I really do appreciate if you will consider..thank you..

can any one pls tell me how to get the licencekey of wondershare as this is really awesome

plz plz can any one tell me licence key of wondershare really awesome software plz plz

Plz plz can any one send me licence key for wondershare dvd plz plz

hey guys! i just finished making a 7 mins video for my boyfriend who lives in a different city. we have LDR. i was planning to show it to him on valentines day but i don't have the license key and when i saved it, it has this huge watermark and it looks bad :( and i worked so hard for it, took me a month.

could anyone please share the license key, please? it would mean the world to me. thankyou! :)

plz tell me registration code and licenced e,mail of wondershare dvd slideshow builder deluxe 6.1.6 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.i request to u plz

Please if anyone can assist me with registrating wondershare anyone of the editions would be helpful thank you..

please help...

hi my name is waqas sir plz plz send my Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Standard keys for all version to send my id so thanks u so much u back replay must

I need the software cause i dont have money to get full copy

hi i really need the licence. but it is too expensive..
can you Pls sent me the activation at

Many thanks

hello, good day..
can i have a copy of the registration code....
thank you very much in advance....

i think this software is awesome thatswhy i am thinking to buy it but it is it possible to buy this software from india since i do not have any credit card though my bank a/c has net banikng facility so with the help of net banking is it possible to buy or this company has any reseller in india.
please inform



i want to use the program to entertain my 98 year old grandad he is always moody and i want to cheer him up :) so please give me one

This is a great program for all the senoir citenzens out there that have grand children who don,t know how to put the picture together and display them.
Rev. Ron you in advance for your free copy

Hi my name is Sushant Mohan.I am from India and heard a track of lord shiva..which amazed All those people who heard it,its about lord shiva...i then tried making the video which took me lods of days but after making it ,i was dissapointed as i did not had money to purchase this software so i downloaded try that if i will like it ,i will surely buy it for my future videos..i really wanted this video to get publised on you tube ,so that everyone can hear this track "Jai Shiv Shankar".....but now as the free version has "Water Mark of trail version"...i really require the licence key to publish this video.plz.......i m stuck since shiva will bless u n ur company..

sushant mohan

Its really good to make slideshow and clip art and transition are super but that watermark only we did not like. and you can add one more feature in this software..i am not able to import a existing title album from my previous one...

Its really good to make slideshow and clip art and transition are super but that watermark only we did not like. and you can add one more feature in this software..i am not able to import a existing title album from my previous one...

This software really wonderful to make beautiful Or funny albums.. clip art and slide transition are good but watermark is the only problem in this software

My grand daughter is in another city; I rarely get to see her in an year. I would love to make movies with her in them to share or send to other loved ones. Please--would truly love a copy of this software!!! Thank you!!!

My grand daughter lives in another city & I rarely get to see her within an year. I could make & send wonderful videos of her & send them to her &/or send to other family members different videos!! Pretty Please send me the free license!!!
Thank you so much in advance--would truly love to get this great software!!!! Much appreciated...

i promise to my friend to create a video but i do not have the registration email and license code,plz give me a rgistration code

how to get the free lisenced mail and registration code

Wondershare Delux is everything that I require for my home movies and I'd love to get the registered software version for free (given that I'm in South Africa and the exchange - S.A. Rands for Dollars - makes this quite expensive to buy. Please, please consider this request :-) Great product !!!!

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is a amazing software for making homemade videos. Honestly I am very curious to see this post. This software really wonderful to make beautiful or funny albums, clip art and slide transition are good.

I am in charge of documenting my entire family tree for my great grandparents and this software would save me many headaches and weeks of work.

I was using this product as i had purchased it from the store. I made around 7 videos for my friends and gifted them as their birthday gift and they were very pleased to see the video. a week back my computer received some viruses and everything got formatted and even my wondershare dvd slideshow builder codes and software. Please if u can help me providing one free license. i would very greatfull to u.

Thanking you.

how to get the free lisenced mail and registration code?


i love to use this software but i am not a register user. please provide me free licensed key. I shall be very thankful to you plz provide me key. here is my email id:

hi can you send me Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder's licensed e-mail add. & registration code on my below email id:

I was offer to purchased this software for $19.99 but if this is free. Anything that is free, it is good to go. I have taken alot of pictures for our church growth ministry this year and planed to used this software to created motivate slip show for the church by the end of this this year. Either I get it free from here or I have to purchased one. Thanks

Hi! Please share the registration email and code for DVD slideshow.

i love to use this software but i am not a register user. please provide me free licensed key. I shall be very thankful to you plz provide me key. here is my email id:

Please kindly give me the key license because I need to do the slide show by using this software . My mother's birthday on this Sunday 14 oct 2012. Hope u can provide me the license key. I really2 appreciate it. Thanks

i found this software online and its so good and usefull, would like to have the license key.

Hi....i found this software very useful. I am planning to make a video of our wedding on dec. Please send me a free serial license key. Here is my email add thank you very very much

I need a license key for wondershare dvd slideshow editor..could anybody can send it to me? please? you can send it through my email

I need a reg. key please

wondershare slideshow deluxe 6.1.11 registration code. Is that possible to get?

Hi can you send me Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder's licensed e-mail add. & registration code on my below email Want to test drive the software before purchase.

Can anyone give me the registration code?

pls let me get the free version

i need the reg code

I am busy with the family tree and so want to make a slideshow of the family. It looks like if this software can do it.


I need the registration code


I've done the slide already but the program's name was shown at the middle.
I would like you to send me the registration code, please.
Your help is very appreciated.

i promised to my friend krish to create video so plz hlp me.....

i need registration code plz help me

I hope to have a registration code. I will use it to create a slideshow for the marriage of a couple of friends.
Is there a French Version or not?
It's not necessary

Thanks in advance

I found this is a great software. I need it now to create the video for my wedding.
Thank you.

I was looking for a program that allowed me to make my own videos at home but my computer has an old software (Windows XP 2002) and while i was looking for something that could help me by being competible with the software i have, i found this Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe and i loved it..
I made my video all the way i wanted but by the time i saved it, it appeard a water line during the video and the only way of getting it out is by bying the hole sofware to get the registration code..
I dont want to do it now because i cant financialy but if i get a code to outcome this problem, i will be able to improve my movies..
this way i can also show and make all my friend to get this software because its really amazing..
and i can make more and more films with it..

code I have the licensed email and code for this version
and the reason I want it is because im currently working on a project for my productions studio

pls send me registration code
I need it in my video presentation report . because i was assign to do the documentation report. pls. pls thanks and God bless you more!!!

Pls send it now. thanks you very much and God bless you more!

this is a very nice movie maker it is great, i wish i have a full version of this and a registration code. . . thank you

its the easiet slideshow builder for begginers on windows xp! id like to use it for a school project... need it fast
thank yo

needing to make a slideshow to play at my grannys funeral

PlS give it to me, coz i need to use for my finally project...

Help please licensen email and regitration code in wondershare dvd slideshow just send my email thanks.

Plz provide me free license email and registration code of wondershare dvd slideshow 6.1.12...... plz plz its very urgent.... my email id

I downloaded this program a couple years back while Wondershare was offering the full version. I love the program and used it a few times for personal use. Unfortunately, my pc died and had to re-download the trial version which is worthless with the GIANT watermark across the whole video. If you are still offering free licenses I would love to have one. Thank you.

I created a photo slideshow, please provide me a free registration code coz it's my first time to used this. Thanx!

i want to free registation serial

Is for my wedding, please choose me!

I was hoping to get a registration number. Our Compassionate Friends group just had their first memory walk this past weekend and I used Wondershare to put a video together. I shared it on our group's Facebook page and noticed the watermark. Compassionate Friends is a group who helps bereaved parents. All the pictures that are on the video are the posters that each parent made so that everybody could see their child/children. I would appreciate this is much. Thanks for your consideration.

please email me a free registration code for movie pack 3D. I want to make my girl friend happy this Christmas of making this slideshow for her.. so please

My aunts funeral is Saturday and I want to make her slide show that much special. I'm using your free service and I don't have the money to buy it so I was hoping you can help me make the last time we see her be special. The free version is good, I was just hoping I can make it even better.

You should get in touch with software owner company at - for this.


I like this software! but im not yet registered, i really need this software right now for my project! i dont have any idea to get this, i hope that you can help me for getting this software without paying bills ,,, i need the licensed email and registration code ....
pleeeeeeease i need your help! this is my email

thank you in advance :)

Hi, I look up everywhere just to find registration key for this program and i just cant find it.
but base on this site your giving it free. I need for my career, school and for my personal use.
I want to make a great video for my Mother for her coming birthday.
I really need the codes :(

thanks :(

Pls can u help with registration code and email? need to a birthday presentation for my dad's 40th. thank u.

Its an awesome program to make a nice video of golden memories of the life ,, thank you so much ,,,

Please send me the code for the trial period. If the product will satisfy my aim I will buy it

wondershare is a very nice software. it is very easy to make a video. it is awesome.

Wondershare DVD Deluxe is really useful program and I need it for my project.

i m working on site with dubbed movies n need to create dubbed file

Great Product. The slideshow creator was easy to navigate!

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