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Mother’s Day is coming. Everyone is busying preparing wonderful gifts for their mothers to show their love and appreciation. Gifts, cards, candy, flowers, a meal in a restaurant, a short trip, or other treat are all common ways at the moment. But, anything special? Well, this year, give mom something unique to let her know how much you love her! Catch the Amigabit 2013 Mother’s Day Giveaway to get Amigabit Registry Cleaner as a free gift for mom. Hurry up! This Mother’s Day Giveaway is only valid from now to May 14, 2013. During the Giveaway period, both new and old customers are welcomed to get a full lifetime license for Amigabit Registry Cleaner free of charge!

Amigabit Registry Cleaner offers an easy and effective way to reduce or fix most PC problems like slow computer, system crashes or freezes, error messages, or blue screens, etc. This registry cleaner application is specially designed for Windows OS from Windows XP to the latest Windows 8, on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

As the most critical database of PC operating system, the Windows registry stores key information on all Windows operations. That’s why the Windows Registry is a major cause of system slowdowns, and can potentially lead to system crashes and conflicts. When you install or upgrade software, that software writes information to the Registry. So the more software you install and uninstall, the more clogged your Registry becomes, and the more problems your PC may have.

Amigabit developers have been engaging in supplying a real easy to use and useful registry cleaner tool for a long time. They give Amigabit Registry Cleaner a very solid and straightforward interface. No extra settings by manual needed. No manual required. Amigabit has set everything best as default. Any one can clean and repair Registry errors for peak PC performance by one 2 clicks on mouse.

Every change is backuped automatically by Amigabit Registry Cleaner. You can easily restore to the previous status by using the one-click Restore button.

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Nice to get a Mother's day gift.

love it

It wasted my efforts when i downloaded and have run in my machine, it corrupted my files and then i was not able to boot to my machine, even repair of windows 7 didnt work and totally of 10 hrs of time got disturbed by this so called software. Please dont download and use this. I Dont recommend any1 falling prey for this giveaway and bring troubles for yourself.

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