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Exclusive DriverMax Pro Version Giveaway For Everyone

Innovative Solutions is an "Microsoft Certified Partner" and you can expect software's from them to be of highest quality, and DriverMax is no exception. DriverMax Free version was reviewed on this blog almost three years ago and since then it has gone only better, the utility works flawlessly on any PC running Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP allowing users not only to scan and download latest driver updates for their computers but also backup, restore and rollback drivers to a previous version. Under a limited period EXCLUSIVE giveaway for our blog readers, users can grab a fully-functional copy of "DriverMax PRO" for free - read the full post for instructions on how to grab your promotional license activation key. The "PRO" version offers users the ability to download drivers from within the DriverMax Agent, fast driver downloads without waiting with increased download priority, possibility to be notified on signed driver updates only, downloads without the need to upload your own drivers and hourly driver update check.
DriverMax Pro Version
DriverMax Pro Agent DriverMax Pro Download
DriverMax Pro Version Activation For Our Blog Readers DriverMax Pro Activation
To get your personal "DriverMax Pro" account and activation key simply click the "Facebook Like" button below and you will get the activation link Goto - and activate, the special activation link is active for three days from now (9 April 2011 to 11 April 2011). Pls. do share this blog-post with your friends and post your comments below why you liked the software, more comments and social-sharing will result in more such promotions from publishers.



In Firefox I get two tabs that keep opening and closing, and in Opera it just says Error

In Firefox I get two tabs that keep opening and closing, and in Opera it just says Error

Hi I cant seem to get this to sign up. I like it then get an error. The message attached to this error is

The page at could not be reached.

Any Help would be appreciated as would like this product.

thanks for giving another link and for this giveaway, fb activation thing wasnt working.

God, I love MegaLeecher!

Drivermax is rejecting your assigned password. Also the new used to validate my account. Please send the correct pass.

Registered, but when I login onto the drivermax homepage, it tells me: "You have 61 days left as a DriverMax PRO user."
It's just like a trial version?!
So, what's the use of it? When I update all my drivers today, I'm quite sure I won't need the program the next 61+ days.
And when I could make use of the program next time, the Pro-user-phase will be over...

I liked this on face book, and subscribed, but where is the link or login?

I figured out how to activate it and thank you Mega Leecher. This is fantastic so so nice of you to offer. Hugs


when do i get the above .I clicked the like button and it did show up on my facebook



Just updated a bunch of drivers.

Another great promotion. Thank you

Many Thanks.. I needed one..


thank you,looking for something much, max driver is perfect

But it says password incorrect. Unable to activate

very kind of you to offer such a usefull program!!! THANKS

Thanks, activation went smoothly. Great proggy, I used a free version.

P.S. You just forgot mentioning that this PRO version for 61 days only.

Tks for shared this article

appreciate the work put in to get the giveaway. Will us and make sure that doesn't go in vain ;)

cant figure it out

Спасибо !Заебца!

Thanks. My PC's drivers will be always updated

did not recieve my email notice. Whats up with that.


Good contribution.
But I have a question:
Is the activation lasts a lifetime or only until April 11?


Thank you for the promotion!

After receiving the DriverMax eMail, I clicked on the link, as per instructions:
*DriverMax PRO account activation:
*In order to finish activating the DriverMax PRO account click on [link]

Which I did, but the opening page states: promotion
was already used in one of our promotions.
You must use a different email address

I'm sure my eMail was not used prior to this, as I only now subscribed to your site.
So don't know what I did wrong. Or what should do to correct it.
Could you please help?

Thanks in advance

Thank you very much - I hope I can make the app portable... Would love to take this along in my toolbox!! Anyway, THANK YOU!


This activation is only for 62 days, then you need to subscribe to continue. Megaleecher could have mentioned that before I went through the trouble. Also, most of the drivers it kept prompting me to update were for drivers of a lesser revision than the ones I already had.

I didn't find it worth the risk and am disappointed that I wasn't informed about the time period.

I have a doubt.
The activation of the program runs until April 11 or how long?


DriverMax is one of the best driver update solution software that I know. It is has some good but different advantage comparing with other softwares in this category.And the limitation is yet, it has driver backup option but user can not make "Self extract file" or setup file with the backup drivers so that general user can easily use them without the knowledge of installation process. But this feature U will get from " Driver genius professional" Anyways, thank you so much the publisher to give away this software for few days and also thanks a lot to for publishing this giveaway.

Good software, but... pro version is for 61 days only.
Not good.

can anyone borrow their account?I just want to update my drivers..please

Why does it has to be for only 61 days??????

All i got was a message saying promotion has expired!

No other promotion is currently available.

ain't that a bish

This post was published on 04/09/2011, so I guess you are just a few years late for this :D


DriverMax is a great free utility which encourages you to download, refresh, reinforcement and reestablish the drivers introduced on your Windows PC. It consequently checks for later driver forms and recognizes and introduces missing drivers for obscure gadgets in your PC.

Download all drivers from one place in only a couple of simple advances and stay up with the latest. Reinforcement drivers and keep every one of them in one compacted document; reestablish them at a mouse click inside a couple of minutes. This apparatus will spare you a considerable measure of time while reinstalling Windows, both on ongoing PCs and more seasoned PCs for which the first CDs containing the drivers have been lost. You never again need to find old driver establishment CDs, embed one establishment CD after another or invest hours looking for drivers on the Internet. Drivermax Pro Serial Keygen can show a nitty gritty report about all introduced drivers (adaptations, discharge dates) and give you Windows Experience Index rating data before you buy new hardware. Some driver refresh instruments are exceptionally straightforward (badly), making you slither through a web site to discover a download connection, and after that power you to unfasten the download yourself and after that physically play out the introduce.

Others Drivermax Pro Registration Code updater instruments give further developed highlights like driver reinforcements, robotized introduces, inside downloads, and System Restore choices. Luckily, we see a portion of these highlights with DriverMax also.

Once more, a conspicuous weakness with DriverMax is the confinement it sets on what number of drivers you can download on every day and month to month premise. Typically, in any case, you most likely don't have an excessive number of gadgets that need refreshing in the meantime, so traversing this over a bigger range of time isn't generally a colossal worry, in my Drivermax Pro Keygen is an item created by Innovative Solutions. This site isn't specifically associated with Innovative Solutions. All trademarks, enlisted trademarks, item names and friends names or logos made reference to in this are the property of their separate proprietors.

All pieces of information about projects or diversions on this site have been found in open sources on the Internet. All projects and diversions not facilitated on our site. At the point when guest click Drivermax Pro Key catch documents will downloading specifically from authority sources(owners locales). QP Download is firmly against the theft, we don't bolster any appearance of robbery. In the event that you surmise that application/amusement you claim the copyrights are recorded on our site and you need to evacuate it if you don't mind get in touch with us. We are DMCA-agreeable and ready to work with you. If you don't mind discovering the DMCA/Removal Request underneath.

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