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Hack To Send Free SMS From Airtel !

Send Free SMSNumerous forums and blog posts all over internet claim working hack to send free SMS by changing your default service provider SMS message center to some other number, but in reality there is no free lunch and these tricks dont work, I have personally tested these so called free SMS hacks on three different Airtel/BSNL numbers but none worked.

If you still want to give it a try, here is a detailed walkthrough :

  1. Open your cellphone Message menu and search for Message Settings option, on Nokia phones it will be - Messagi­n­­g –> Op­ti­on­­s –>Setti­n­­gs.
  2. Find Text Message option an­­d op­en­­ Message C­en­­ters, create a new message center profile or edit existing to new number - +919810051905 (do note down your original message center number).
  3. N­­ow­ change p­ref­erred c­on­­n­­ec­ti­on­­ setting f­rom GSM to Pac­ket­ D­at­a.
  4. If you created a new message center profile in step above activate it to default profile.
  5. Now navigate to your Connection preference and change it to When Available, Ph­o­­ne Set­t­ings –> Co­­nnect­io­­n Set­t­ing –> Pa­cket­ D­a­t­a­ ->­­ Wh­en A­v­a­ila­ble.
  6. Change Access Point setting to A­ir­t­el Liv­e!.
  7. Now, send SMS as usual but prefix a zero before the number.
  8. This completes the trick circulated but as I told earlier this does not work.

If you have similar trick which works, do post it in comments and you can win a free one month Rapidshare account if found working.

UPDATE : We now have two another options to send free SMS :



These Tricks Work , but for a limited time , whenever a new msg centre no comes , it works for only 3-4 days n network providers blacklist them.

so w8 for a new no.

Yes i totally agree with Mridul. When they come out to know that the msg centre num is hacked they change it ASAP.

give me msg center number send me
at ""

ppl, this doesnt work. just a gimick.

my no is 9724449754
plz give me the msg center nomber
in my e-id

not working
my no is 9994141310 plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
im sudaniese plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

my no is 9991414310 Tamil nadu
and i sudaniese
plz give me the msg center nomber for

my no.9915934788--9872133873

buy airtel Erecharge sim, it's call charge is 50 paisa to all local mobile
daily 100 local sms freee

How to make free call & Free Sms from airtel to any other Mobile
My Number is 9975336135

I think you can help me to make sms free for airtel. So please help me.
My no: 9633662557


tell me friend 9928897722....

just buy nadeem 444 handset it allow you to do so

my number is +255717155599 pls help me free sms centre number

How to make free call & Free Sms from airtel to any other Mobile My Number is 9704420473 plz message me friends

How to make free call & Free Sms from airtel to any other Mobile My Number is 9704420473 plz message me

call me at 9027276532

am going to try that free sms, thanks for that dude.........

wast of time

You all are fool

it is not working.
why plz help me.
my no. is +923139418891
from pakistan
i want to send free sms to radio chennals.

hey these things stopped working long ago... they keep blocking all the hacking nos. if u got any nw no. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mail me @

send msg centre no. to my mob no. 8127345643

any one tell me how to get rapid share primium account with out give credit card number

boss can u help me? my need a hacking & mobile traking softwer. pls any ans me. +8801734015638

plzzz give any other working trick as dis has been blocked by airtel .....

thanks for sharing this cool trick... is their any free recharge trick working now?
if yes please share...

Guys please stop sharing your phone number online!!!!!

Please tell me how you can get Free recharge Coupons for Airtel?

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