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Tobii Gaze Interface for Windows 8 Revolutionizes Laptop Interaction

There are already developments focusing on controlling computers via voice. If controlling your computer using your eyes seems something possible only in distant future, think again after you watch this technology right now. Tobii Gaze Technology demonstrated in the video below shows how their "Gaze interaction" makes it possible to point and interact in ways that are superior to both touch and mouse. It changes the user interface for regular computers as fundamentally as touch has for handheld devices, Tobii Gaze Technology has been already tested with prototype laptops released and the technology might soon get adapted in mainstream usage after Windows 8 interface goes public.

Tobii Technology


There are many softwares available on internet which gives a voice password security. Tobii Gaze is a wonderful software through which we can control our computers with voice and which is simply interactive for all users. We don't need to use mouse and keyboard for controlling computers. The whole package is really fabulous and if I get this wonderful package then most of my work get reduce.

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