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Google Chrome Vs Potato Gun - An Official Test !

While every other web-browser is claiming to be the world's fastest, Google has their own interesting way of demoing Chrome as the real crown holder by comparing it's webpage speed rendering times with a potato gun and lighting.



its depends on net speed....not browser speed.

speed news of chrome is fake....

firefox is much faster than it have absolutely no idea how browsers work do you? Stick with Firefox...the rest of the world will move on.

You should. Firefox has a nearly bugless client and is open source, google chrome however is a keylogger on itself (it sends every keyhit to google) and has countless security holes.

Whahaha nice test :D.

Experiments are cool, but the comparison is just lame.

fantastic...I think I should download it,

Wooooow It's amazing.

yeah but the test was in usa,,,,,we in india dont hav such speed to win the test.,.,.,chrome surely will fail if they do the same with indian speeds,,hhaha.,.,.,.

speeds aus wont be a match for usa i am using adsl2

fire fox is faster agree,,,

Opera is shit for sm reason.,,mabe the speed is good, bt not for the extensions n so on..

FIREFOX BEST BROWSER EVER!!! where user can modify all the setting on it - try out ur self guys- about:config

wow, awesome video. I do not like chrome, but Advertising is perfect. 5+ from me. :)

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