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[Exclusive Giveaway] Handy Backup - Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization Software

Handy Backup LogoHaving regular backups is a must when we are dealing with valuable data - Hardware/software errors, data corruption or simple human mistakes are just few reasons that we are looking for to prevent data loss and protect the associated operational processes. Having up-to-date automated backups is the most proactive solution to the data-loss problem, today we are going to review one such utility 'Handy Backup' which takes care of this with ease and the good news is that we also have 25 licenses to giveaway for our readers.

Handy Backup is an easy-to-use automated backup software for Windows users, the award-winning data-backup and disaster recovery software is highly flexible and able to perfectly meet any individual requirements.

Handy Backup Solution For Windows Computers

Handy Backup Features :

  • Full, incremental and mirror backup types, and allows you to synchronize data between computers including computers in remote locations.
  • No limitations on quantity of files to backup and restore in one task. It was successfully tested to backup more than 1 million files in one task.
  • Such inevitable for up-to-date backup software features as backup scheduling, backup data compression and encryption are fully supported by Handy Backup.
  • Selective data backup. Back up folders and individual files with file mask filtering (allows to back up only photos, music files, videos, etc.)
  • Free plug-ins. There are presets and plug-ins designed to facilitate My Documents backup, Windows registry backup, Outlook backup, etc.
  • Backup options. Enable backup compression, encryption, verification and other options for most convenient and smooth backups.
  • Run backup as Windows service. This option allows performing absolutely inconspicuous backups, not requiring the user to be logged in.

Handy Backup has been developed to backup files and folders, Desktop, Windows registry, backup e-mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express and others, backup program settings and other simple things, which are quite necessary to be protected to make our everyday life a little bit more comfortable.

Advanced users can take advantage of extended feature set including disk image backup and database backup. Database backup makes Handy Backup software unique. The program can easily handle advanced database management system backup and restore operations. Using it you can backup and restore MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, or any other ODBC-compatible databases with all tables, indexes, triggers, settings, passwords and other elements.

Handy Backup Server is a centralized automatic data backup solution for corporate local networks. Administrator can install workstation agents and manage backup processes on workstations from its place, there is no need to go and install agents to all computers in the net manually.

Handy Backup is one of the most stable, effective and easy-to-use applications for automatic data backup, recovery and synchronization. Enthusiasts translated Handy Backup for more than 20 languages. With this program, Novosoft LLC has become partners of such companies as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

Handy Backup Website:

You can download a full-featured 30-days trial here, and to avail the free 25 license giveaway offer simply leave a comment below telling us why you need it and lucky winners will get a free registration key for Handy Backup Standard worth $39.


Here are the winners :

Handy Backup Giveaway Winners

Pls. check you mails for registration codes.


This would be a blast when i get the license. Surley hope that i win one of the 25 license that your are so kind to give away.

This is an awesome backup Software. I want a free license too.

Thanks Guys for providing another Great giveaway. I am keeping my fingers Crossed... I hope I win this time..

I would like to win a license of Handy Backup software as it is a useful program for backing up all my important files and data. Thank you.

This is an awesome backup Software.Tanks

Thanks for the giveaway. Hope to win a license.

a free license for me, thx. :)

Ths software is what I need to back up my music.

I want a license also.

This is an awesome backup Software.Thanks

Acesta este un minunat Software.Thanks rezerv?

I would love to get a free license, i love this software!!

This is exactly what I need. The biggest problem that one can possibly get with regards to computers is loss of data. Does not matter what happens to memory, motherboards, fans etc...but when your hard drive goes, that stuff cannot be easily replaced.

There is nothing out there that lets you do easy/mirror backups for the simple person, most people I know including me have to do a copy and paste job. This would be the exact thing that I require.

Hopefully a license might be available.

Yours hopingly


great giveaway.
i need to backup my sqlserver on a regular basis and sure like to have a good backup program that can do it.

i was searchin for a free backup utility to create backups of my office files but couldnt find one so i would love to have this software

I hope I will get a license.
This might eliminate evry time format problem , when ever I experiment with registry settings

Hi, thanks a lot for this great giveaway. I would like to win a license, because everybody tells me Handybackup is one of the best in his field. It would be nice to try it.

I am a lawyer and I would use this software to enusre that my client's information is backed up in the event of a hard drive failure.

trying my luck

Regular backups are pretty much the most important thing you can do, if you have any data worth saving. That´s why I need it. ;)

Je suis intéressé de l'offre

hi, please i would like win a key!

wow this is great, thaks !

With 3 computer can use a good backup program.

Hope I can score one.


hey, please i need one key.

backup backup before I lost my files.
thank you

Great program!!!

It seems that this program is doing all what i need :)
I'd be happy to receive a license too. Thanks

I'd like to get a free license. I like this software!

I was wondering if I could get a license so I can back my data across all the folders I have on my computer.
It would be much appreciated.

I'd like a license so I can backup all my files across my folders on my computer.
It would be much appreciated.

First of all I would like to thank you for sharing this. I failed to win a key on for it on several occasions, but I hope I'll win one this time, so that I'll use it for bucking up my data in case of drive failure, I'll still be able to recover them, prevention is better than cure, buck up your valuable data and you'll never cry tomorrow.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

a very nice backup software that becomes "handy" for their interesting features, especially for db backup and network/server backup that not all other similar software have!

Interesting giveaway...
I hope, get one :)

too late I think, if not please count me in as well...

I will be happy if i can have one as well.

Thank you !

Would like to win this utility so see how compares with Backup4all. Please count me in!

Great giveaway. Thanks.
I hope to receive a license. one good software who also manage a good list of exports.
Thanks as always for this offer.

I need to back up my all college data which will other-vise infected.
If i win a license i will backup those data, project.

Hope to win a license.


I need to back up my all college data which will other-vise infected.
If i win a license i will backup those data, project.

Hope to win a license.


I need to back up my office data frequently.

I would love to get a free license.

Thanks For giveaway

I could really use a good backup program. Right now I'm using ntbackup, which works but i could really use all the handy features of Handy Backup.

Thank you

Nice giveaway.
I want to backup my importanta data.

First I would like to thank you for this great giveaway. Handy backup standard is one of the nice present day backup utility. It simplifies our backup task with an easy to use GUI and being a feature-rich product. I want it specially because of its features like - selective backup/restoration of individual files and folders, FTP website backup, plug-ins and the capability of this to run as windows service in background. I have just shifted to windows 7 from earlier xp and thus I am searching for a backup software that is windows 7 compatible. And handy backup is the one compatible with windows 7. I hope I'll get one license here.

HEY .thankyou for such good giveaways , very useful software , please count me in this giveaway, i am in need of a backup software

hope to get one

I would require many time this software becoz somtimes when i delete my docs by mistake that time i want think like this type software. So if u could do plz. provide me one licence.

yup, back-ups nowadays needs top of the line back-up softwares too...and as i've read the 'Handy Backup' features on their website will surely make you feel comfortable and worry-free when doing back-ups..and it's a great coincidence that I need to back-up my hard drive because im upgrading into higher-capacity hard disk...I hope that I got a chance to avail the free registration key for Handy Backup Standard edition because I already downloaded the 30-day free trial..I gotta BACK-UP MORE FILES..THANKS A LOT GUYS..KEEP IT UP! CHEERS!

Currently I have no Backup for my system,only registry backup by using Regedit on run command.So basically having Handy Backup will be extremely useful and helpful in case of crashes,corruptions,recovery from malware attacks.I would love to win 1 of 25 licenses for safety of my system.

Thank you and Novosoft for this highly regarded Giveaway.


great giveaway.
I would love to get a free license
thank you

I am thinking of buying a portable hard drive and hence it would be awesome if I won a license of this software.

I am thinking of buying a portable hard drive and this software would be perfect to backup my data on it.

I Need To Back Up My Computer often, Because I Test A Lot Of Software And Some Doesent Work So Good... Nice To Have A Reliable Backup Then....

this is awesome, may I be considered for a license? this site has to be the best site I've ever came across and definitely an asset

Hola, quisiera probarlo durante más de un mes y ver como se comporta. Trabajo de professor en una escuela

please allow me a free license, this would be so awesome


This is an good backup Software.Thanks

Acronis eat your heart out. This has you beat many times. Great stuff.

This sounds like a fantastic tool!

this is very needful software. Thanks

I would like to replace Allway Sync+ Double Safety by this integrated backup+sync capable too

Great backup tool. Please count me one of 25 lucks.

Would love a licence . . . have tried many other solutions, but this just might be the prefect one for me!

Of all back-up programs, I have only heard great things regarding the program, Handy Back-up. According to those currently using Handy Backup, there have been no problems. For me to be able to join this puter' with those ranks would be fantastic. Nothing like a user friendly and field tested product of long lasting quality.

Howard in Wyoming

I may be having Dementia. I ALWAYS forget to backup important files and end up being sorry most of the time. I hope this software will be a good pill for my illness (or stupidity)!

I had been hacked by
then i need to backup my datas

I would love to get a free license, i love this software!!

Thanks, didn't know this one. give it a try , and with a little bit of luck..

I hope to be one of the winners
Thank You

I am a 70 year old timer. I can work a computer but sometime I make some dump mistakes. Thanks for being there.God Bless.

Software is easy to use and is a must for assuring the proper system-wide back up is made, as well as the availability to recover it in a simple manner.

Great software. Easy to use and assures a proper back up is made and easily available for reinstal. Makes you wonder why others manufacturers have not made back ups so easy.

I always liked whenever I got your feeds in my mailbox. Now that increased to a ten fold, 'liking' has now become 'loving' ;)...

im a student of networking and data security and backup solutions i want to learn this softwaer for my self and is use full to i add this softwaer on my kit

I have tried so many backup software, also this one, and I find it perfect for daily use. I would recommend you to give me the serial because I follow and read every articles, so please, help me out!

Thanks to present us this great backup solution.
Sounds really good!

Wish I had this software yesterday, before I lost my system-hdd.
Would like to get a license t be prepared in the future.

This is JUST the tool I NEED for mirror image backups of my two Terabyte hard drives in my computer!

Please consider me as a candidate for a license.

Thank you,
Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

Thanks for the giveaway.

I would like to win a license to be able to use the following features:

1. incremental and mirror backup
2. encryption
3. Back up folders and individual files with file mask filtering
4. backup compression
5. Run backup as Windows service
6. backup registry, Outlook

Thanks, Grr

The software sounds really good and if a free licence was available it would help with costs for my daughter who is doing a Phd at the moment

This is one of those generous offers that are far and few. It is really appreciated. I am disabled but very fortunate that I was hired by a company to work from home. Presently I backup to an external drive and it takes forever to find and then move what I have to backup. An app like Handy Backup would be a tremendous help and would help shorten my day. Thanks for your offer!!



Yep i wish to win ;)

I was looking for a backup program to save entire OS drive. most backup program just make a backup from document or drivers... I found acronis and paragon as nice backup programs but hopefully this one will be more effective and fast. I hope. anyway thank u very much. lots of comment and request for serial number I hope there is still one left for me!!!again thanks

i hope i will get the license since its very important program for me becoz i keep on losing my data everytime i format my pc

Gostaria muito de obter uma licença livre, i love this software!
This is my life!!!

nie gift ,hope i win a free license too.

I'm keen to compare this with my favourite so far, Backup4all. Please count me in if still open for entries. Thanks

very neat interface, ample support for backup media type, decent style and so on you could say about this software , i really hope to win a license. so please count me in the draw


its great to have a backup system for my pc
tks for the offer

sir , actually i m doin a project in my clg which has database ,so for backup of those db i need free license...............

I would like to have a license. This is because I seriously lack a good backup application even after trying a lot of different b/u apps.

i am a web developer, i need that software.

Handy Backup is the best backup software!

I love Handy Backup )))


After having two computer crashes in a very short time and having no backup I need a good backup system as i am getting tired of having to completely rebuilsd my system and download all the updates again.

Hi megaleecher admin,

Great Giveaway.
Handy Backup is a user friendly, full featured and, above all, truly reliable backup solution. I was very pleased to read about the new feature of differential backup.
The support & update policy the company has is one major plus.

Reason I want it?
Planning to upgrade to Win7 and have quite a load of data I'd like to backup to my new external HD and keep them safely backuped and ... up to date.

Thanks for the chance on getting a license for free,

I would really like to win this, for my dad. His luck is such, tat his hard disk almost always gets spoilt.. since he has loads of data, this will be a reliable and user-friendly back up solution for my old man.. he can back up all his data into his external and it wont b a tedious job for him!

I need this online backup service because I have been disappointed with an external backup drive that I used in the past because it failed within 3-4 months after I bought it.

Check your emails.

Thanks Megaleechers for making my Day!!!

I'm the winner. I've just got my license of handy backup standard, will download it, install and will start enjoying my back. No worry any more about human error or system failure.

Thank you so much.

I just checked my e-mail and found that I had won a key for Handy Backup. This is really appreciated and will make my work a whole lot less stressful.This program is awesome and does it all. Huge thanks to Handy Backup for providing the software and to Megaleecher for offering this to its members!!



megaleecher is no joke, they delivered just like they promised, I received my license and download ,first thing this morning, I love

I was one of the fortunate folks who received a license for installation of "HandyBackup" utility. Many thanks, Megaleecher, and the creators of "HandyBackup" for your generosity!

I'm going to give it a try later this afternoon and I'll let you know how it comes out; it looks very promising so far!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

This is really a awesome backup Software. I want a free license too.

I would like to win a license to be able to use the following features:

1. incremental and mirror backup
2. encryption
3. Back up folders and individual files with file mask filtering
4. backup compression
5. Run backup as Windows service
6. backup registry, Outlook

because i like this sofware.....

I spend my lot of time in traveling.I need my data backup with some online methods so that I can access it any where without my own laptop. Is this software provides this kind of functionality.

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