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RDesc - Fully Automated Downloader Supporting HotFile, Mediafire, 4Shared, ZShare, Easy-Share & Many More

We have shared many free automated downloaders for various file-hosters like Rapidshare and Megaupload, but today I will be sharing a pretty unknown utility supporting fast and easy automated downloads from many file-hosters, RDesc is a new software supporting automated simultaneous downloads for free users from file-hosting services like Hotfile, 4Shared, Mediafire, Netload, ZShare, DepositFiles, Easy-Share, Gigasize, Rapidshare and Megaupload.

RDesc Multi-hosting file downloader

RDesc is very stable and well supported with active development ironing out bugs and adding new features every few days.

RDesc Features :

  • Simultaneous automated downloads from various file-hosters.
  • Bulk link adding feature allows you to grab all links from a webpage.
  • Inbuilt feature for automated router reconnection needed for getting fresh IP to bypass download limits.
  • Auto-captcha decoding.
  • Full download details and log.

Sadly the application is currently available in Spanish language only but you can still get the job done easily, I am pretty sure the authors will get this translated to English to reach wider audience.

Download RDesc Portable [2262 KB] (Requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5) >>


nice post

Thx 4 sharing great downloader.

plz give us an engish (us)version of this

Thanks a lot. Hope the English version comes soon

Hey guys i just download the RDesc. but i not know how to load the download links in its box. Any one help me pls.

Hi everyone thx for this soft, to answer the questio about loading the hotfile link in this application it's easy just clic contr+A or clic Archivo then strg+A then copy and paste the link(s) and then clic Anadir al anicio finily highlight the lik(s) qnd cilc the play button ("Archivo/Inciar todo" or F5)
that's all folks and thx again
PS: i am testing this soft right now but nothing happen it just show a countdown in the 'Estado' state column i don't know if it works or not!!!

I am unable to load the links as well :(

jDownloader is way better.

How can you support your statement?. I use JDownloader sometimes (because the anti-captcha pluging), but apart from that, it is not better than Rdesc. In Rdesc, you can download multiple files from multiple websites simultaneously, which can't be done in JDownloader!

where do the links go? where is it saving these files?

Anadir enlaces (eigth button from the left) then paste the links in here...and it will save files to c:/downloads/ by default


description says it supports hotfile.. but the link keeps on going to error..

after that i tried on web browser and it downloads successfully.. somethings wrong downloading in hotfile file hosting..

jdownloader is also great but it doesnt support hotfile..

rdesc also great and claims to support hotfile but it doesnt

Well.. i already tried it on megaupload, rapidshare and hotfile
so far so good... it's great program

Couldn't someone who reads and speaks English give us a list of the program titles and what they do?

how do i install this program?

I have my fingers crossed for this one>>>>

it definitely doesn't work for hotfile.
i just tried :(

where is dowload link??
plzz tell me, sounds nice
hope english version comes soon

Yes indeed JDownloader and FreeRapid Downloader is better...


thaks budddddy

Well i hav been using ths for hotfile & guess wht i am astonished tht it resumed download


how to install this????

I have been using RDesc to download stuff from Hotfile and it worked well so far untill this morning it can't download anything just kept trying until timeout then failed. I check the links from hotfile to see they requires capcha. That's likely the reason RDesc fails now. If anyone have way to get it work, please share.

RDesc is doubtlessly a matchless downloader I have used till today. I was enjoying great downloads with it from But yester I found that RDesc 2.19 is not downloading files from

However, rapidshare files are downloading very easily. Could anyone help how can I start download from hotfile as well

please more specific way to use this software

Language packs are in version 2.2 here:




Fantastic!! Thanks a lot

Does not work with HOTFILE...

Does not work with HOTFILE...

hotfile support needed, please fix this bug and release the next version fast.......waiting......

This program is now out of date with the new hotfile image verification, plz fix!

where to download this program???

joto sob bangali vaira acho eti download koro jani kon durbodhho vasai ache.............tarpor proxy support kore na......onek hapa.......jao google e search mere onno kichu try koro

becuase megaupload is forbidden in my region

i just fill in the server and port number but it seem dosen't work
do i need to fill in the box of user name and password? and what should be filled in if necessary?

thanks for help


Keeps counting down, but doesn't download

Version 2.22 works for me on Hotfile

is there any other sites to download this rdesc rather than rapidshare

Just downloaded 2.2, working like a charm for hotfile


tank so much

tanks Boss

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 11/03/2009 - 05:50.
tanks Boss


I try to download from Hotfile but it keeps on count down...............30..29..28.......0...iniciando................30..29..28...........0...iniciando..............................I dont know when this "initiando" will initiate anddownload will start.............................

Upload on some other server please.................

how to instal......

so far working awesome. great little app

Always getting ip adress...... Broken.

Great software!!! I'm downloading three days to an iso manually, and after that I've found this. It's perfect! :)

Cannot work on hotfile

perfect program

program not english- web descriptions are english- really stupid

try JDownloader... its english friend use it to download ziddu files,rapidshare etc and it works....

but hotfile download is not automatic... i have to give captcha manually please someone tell me how to make this automatic?

help us with the hotfile site


now it is in english nice............but it is not automatic with you still have to wait for 30 mins after every download

where is the download??

Well Done Dude

çok te?ekkürler elinize sa?l?k

I <3 You :) THANKS!!!

I RDESC version 2.27, I heard that it can automatically change an IP address so it can download more than one link at a time without waiting.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thx this software is a perfect invention for uploaders.

Can anyone pleaseeee tell me whether the v2.2 of RDesc can download hotfile without the long waiting time? By long waiting time, i mean the long cooldown time between file downloads.

Does it support resume downloading?

rdesc is a nice tool....
go for it people....
i hav downloaded 13 files of hotfile and it only asked for first 2 captcha and den it does all the downloading widout any captcha verification...
i hav also tried it on workss...
u can download it 4m here bt u can also go and download from its own site....enjoyy!!!!

I want to know how to use the reconnect function. And which application is used for that. Please reply soon.

is this not Hack program?
crap, crap!

My usual downloaders won't work with my premium account.

Cam I get this one to? And how?


router reconnection needed for getting fresh IP to bypass download limits

How do I get the above to work ?

nbuilt feature for automated router reconnection needed for getting fresh IP to bypass download limits.

How do I get the above to work ?

I love this downloader esp as a free hotfile user, but how do you get the extract feature to work???

my completed downloads do not appear in the extract tab

what am I doing wrong?



i would keep
jdownloader/mipony at the top.
followed by mdownloader for multiple hosters

each of the top two have their adv/disadv. so
try maybe anything of the 2.

thanks you very much for your application

thanks you very much for your application
english version ?

thx or Soft

Please help me!

RDsec 2.3 can not run in my system (XP sp3). What's wrong? There's nothing happened when I double click the shortcut icon.

Hi geyo bangali........ha bhai kisob udru bhasa bhasi lok sob cheye amader bangladeshi site onek bhalo bhaiii

Is it possible to add a hotfile premium account? Its not on the list of add-able accounts.

hey dude thank you very much

...with Hotfile premium and normally account .....don't need this..sorry

Hi thanks for the great information. This a great tool in downloading Hotfile, but I wonder where I get get the English version.

Hey? anyone here can help me about this problem??

when i put the URL of the hotfile and then i press button start then i wait so long the RDesc to start downloading.. it's still counting but didn't start downloading...

why like that?


I am RDESC for last 1 yr, i never faced any prob. only last few days RDESC in my laptop couldnt download any link which i had added and all those links are active. It couldnt get connected to my internet. somebody pl guide me what to do to once again make it work. bcz i need rdesc to download everything....thank u in advance

Rdesc has messed my pc up loading processes like "Voifoix.exe" ,adding proxy settings to IE and creating popups for a so called virus/trojan scanner which then says that i need to buy that specific program in order to resolve the issue...
It generates random processes and the beforementioned virusscanner nestles in system32 folder and can`t be killed as process (causes explorer freeze) not even in DOS.

Had to reinstall entire system...
Worked fine for a while and then f$$$$$d me up the A...

Thxs buddy... !!!!
try this working great

Does'nt work for 4shared.

No framework based dependent app !!! Whats wrong with traditional programming languages ??? Framework only over sizes os is faulty error rich offering great large surface for errors exploits threads and should be forbidden ! Framework is just like java in Win (similar) why then framework ??? If so why then not undependable sand alone framework os instead of over sizing windows ! With MS everything is over sized but nothing is secure stable secure and thrust worthy ! Wake up and don't support nasty MS !!!

thank uuuuuuuu :)

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