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The Complete Apple iPhone 5 Rumored Images And Video Roundup

Apple iPhone 5 LogoApple iPhone 5 would be the most eagerly awaited gadget of this year, with an expected announcement and public availability in September/October this year here is an complete rumor roundup (images and video) of the yet to be announced device.

iPhone 5 Rumors

Rumored New iPhone 5 Image Concepts

iPhone 5 Rumors

iPhone 5 Rumors

iPhone 5 Rumors

iPhone 5 Rumors

A Summary Video Of All The Rumored Expected New Changes In iPhone 5

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There's still people looking forward to empty their wallet every single damn year for a new iteration of a phone? People are crazy....

I totaly agree with you... I never bought iPhone and I never will... Apple's way of holding their sheeps (customers) out of breath without their junk-gadget is totally ... frightening...

You know that he said "phone" as in phone in general, not iPhone, as in Apple's phone, right ?

You know that you can buy a phone or even an iPhone, and keep it for a couple of years, you don't have to buy a new one year in / year out, just because the manufacturer is giving you the option, if you so wish - you know that, right ?

It's funny when you buy an (put any non apple product name here), because you like it, you are a customer, but when you buy an apple product because you like it , you are a sheep.

The stupidity and ignorance of some people is totally ...... frightening.

but they need to make similar phone like Samsung Galaxy S II, because they are HW retarded :)

I guess it will be generally a little worse HW then SGS II...but SGS III will come :)

Im buying a new Iphone. I can easily afford to. Why not? It is a fun toy to play with for a while, and when Im bored apple realease a new one. Works great for me.


Blah, blah, blah, blah. Why do all the Apple haters care how buyers of Apple products spend their money? It is so incredibly tedious. Next.

WTF is that samsung galaxy 2.......these retards just try to pack pcs into phones but they dont posses the software capabilities........the sgs II sucks on the software.....iPhone is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont understand why people need to buy iphone?there are much better phones for iphone price!!!

you can't judge people by the thing they bought. it depends on ppl needs...

if you judge people by that, ur head will fill by "Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why"

what's right for u is not right for others

People are stupid , every year hundreds of bucks on a stupid phone , how about you play with these nuts? You like those new features I implemented lol. Stop it already if you play with your phone all that much you have no life. Who has the time to do all of that work, and the single worse app - itunes. Lets be serious if you ont this website you know about pirate music , software etc. What the f are you doing buying movies and music via itunes.

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