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Toddler Proof Your Computer By Locking Keyboard, CD Drives And Power Button

Yesterday, I posted about free utility Toddler Trap for locking keyboard and mouse, however if you have kids around your computer there are strong chances that they press the Power or CD/DVD drive buttons on your computer resulting in unwanted situations, here is yet another handy free utility "Toddler Keys" which will prevent these unwanted situations by locking computer Keyboard, Mouse, Power and CD/DVD buttons.

Disable Mouse, Keyboard, CD/DVD Drives And Power Button

The utility also lets you configure custom sounds and images which can be used on every keystroke to let the little ones enjoy their encounter with computer, you need to type word quit (can be customized) to exit the lock.

Configure Computer Lock Options

Download Toddler Keys [480 KB] >>



thanks for this piece of software, I was looking for, but two little snags:
1 the pwr button isnt really locked
2 the restart button isnt locked as well,
i found that when found my kids proudly playing on the pc.

I'm looking for something that will lock the keyboard while I'm playing a movie file for my granddaughter - so that when she bangs on the keyboard while her movie plays she doesn't screw it up. Will this Toddler program do this?

Yeah it will do the job :)

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