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Microsoft Windows 8 To Feature Built-in Free Anti-virus

Microsoft Security EssentialsIn some good news for consumers and bad news for security software vendors, Microsoft will be shipping an built-in anti-virus feature to their existing "Security Essentials" program in Windows 8. Microsoft already provides a free anti-virus solution since past couple of years, in the form of Microsoft Security Essentials - but as a separate download and not a built-in OS feature.

Microsoft has already been shipping "Windows Defender" built-in with Windows 7, Vista and XP, but with "Windows 8" the company will be integrating their full-fledged "free anti-virus" solution "Microsoft Security Essentials" providing users an out-of-the-box protection against malware, coupled with firewall protection and parental controls.


Well, thats ganna be intresting. Microsoft Security Essentials does not block all forms of rootkit and malware attacks. It is also very extremely sensative with downloaded program, movie, music and has been known to have complication with I.E. and google chrome. It also very heavy on a simple laptop. Virtually it acts like Norton360 security where it boots a scan before O.S. boots, program, I.E., etc.

I wonder if the "built" in antivirus will protect against rootkit and malware and be as light as the O.S. itself. If not will it be possible to disable and delete the antivirus and install other antivirus and malware blocker like kaspersky or malwarebyte.

OK - and when it proves to be horrendously flawed, how easy will it be to uninstall and replace it with a real AV program? Hopefully easier than removing Internet Explorer.

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