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New Apple Lightning Cable Could Feature A Reversible USB Connector

We shared the news about the any-side-in USB connector a few days ago, the new design just got standardized and will take time to reach consumer products. However, Apple seems to have gauged the frustration of users and have already provided a solution for a reversible USB cable which will work with existing ports (most probably under backward compatibility mode) and won't mind the side you plug it in. A new leaked image from trusted source Sony Dickson who has managed to leak correct details about Apple products earlier shared the image as shown below having the new Apple Lightning Cable with a reversible USB connector.


Cool... But is it still USB 2.0 or did Apple finally upgrade to USB 3.0 ?
Oh, they didn't upgrade? Well, you can stash that junk in the drawer, then.

I really hate when people wright something they think is right, when they really don't. The Macbook Pro's have Thunderbolt connections and USB 3 connections.

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