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The Hidden Sensors And Innovations in Samsung Galaxy S4 - The Most Sensible Smartphone Ever

Samsung exclusively focused on only major new features while recently announcing their flagship smartphone model - the Galaxy S4. However, this smartphone features a lot more sensors and innovative new functionality under the hood. Here is a comprehensive list of new innovations and sensors this phone possesses which missed the initial media coverage.

Galaxy S4 hidden innovations

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sensors and associated technology:

The smartphone can easily be honoured the smartest phone of all as it is able to detect and interact with a user’s face, voice, motion, and the surrounding environment. The "most sensible smartphone" includes :

  1. Temperature, Humidity and Barometer Sensor – provides vital surrounding environment data.
  2. RGB Light Sensor (Samsung Adapt Display) – Measures the red, green, blue, and white intensity of the light source.
  3. Gesture Sensor– recognizes the user’s hand movements using infrared rays
  4. Face Recognition- used for Smart Pause, and Samsung Smart Scroll as reviewed earlier.
  5. Finger Hovering- measures electric currents that change when the user’s hand is in close proximity to the touch screen.
  6. The usual Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor (Digital Compass MAP) and Gyro Sensor (Smart Rotation).

Apart from the sensors here is a list of handy new features :

  1. Supports 802.11ac 5th generation Wi-Fi standard with theoretical one Gigabyte per second Bandwidth.
  2. Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) version 2.0 which allows consumers to connect mobile phones, tablets and other portable consumer electronics (CE) devices to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and audio receivers.
  3. Emergency Snap Shots features simultaneously clicks photos using the front and rear camera and send them to your predefined emergency contact numbers.
  4. Exynos 5 Octa with Wolfson WM5102 audio chipset for best audio quality.
  5. Even tougher Gorilla Glass 3.
  6. Hyper sensitive touch to let users use there device with gloves on.
  7. Mobeam feature which uses an existing light source on a mobile phone to mimic the black-and-white pattern of a standard barcode. Instead of reading the reflection from a printed barcode, the scanner "sees"" the blinking light—with the same result. This allows Mobeam-enabled phones to be read by any POS laser scanner.

We would love to read your comments on what do you think about these new Galaxy S4 features, do you think these sensors and features are useful or are they just marketing gimmick as blogged earlier.


On your Block Diagram, from Gesture sensor to geomagnetic sensor, uses one built in sensor giving you all the same readings under different names which you do not need.
Barometer???? Who wants it on a phone. Is your friend going to ask you the Barometric pressure and Humidity readings. Rubbish.
What must i do with and about the Magnetic fields around me. Gimmick!!!!!
Gesture sensor.??? Must i wave Goodbye to my Phone???????
Is the cover open or closed.?????????????????????????????
Atmospheric Pressure.!!!! What the hell must I do with it.
Recognises when the phone is near you, or are you going to Brag about it. what the #### do you do with that info.
SAMSUNG!!!! I Think you have just made an @rsehole of your Product and I Am a Samsung Fan as i Have 3 Samsung Omnia i900 in perfect condition that I Surely would not swap for an S4 + i have a CHEAP LG5-S214 that can do 90% of what you advertise on the S4.
NOT Impressed, actually disappointed as I expected a Miracle.

Barry...garbage to you is another man's treasure, this phone would be extremely handy considering I'm outside half the time I'm hoping it does tell me barometric pressure which in turn will let me know the weather is changing...good to know the weather...

Also, aren't weather widgets one of the most used apps on mobile phones !!!

You'll probably be one of those guys who talks shit online n finally buys it when its out on the market!
Or one could just say the only thing you'd use the phone is to make calls and text.

What I Am trying to point is that Most of the Facility`s are Gimmicks, hence the High Price. If you have Internet, you can get all that info in any case. Most of the .apk programs of the Samsung S4. works perfectly on my "Cheap" LG5-E612, albeit a bit slower as it does not boast a Dual or Quad core CPU. They are all blessed with Android Ice Cream Sandwich V.4.+++ OS.The Latest Android OS. Thank Goodness.

barry if u dnt know wat are the options just fxxkup bt u cant simply post it here as rubbish. go to hell barry, i thnk ur a iphone s__t i know u.

LMAO""""" LOL!!!!!! Anonymous, you are some creature, being insulting while staying Anonymous. I Respect your Opinions but i Surely do not respect your Character. Your Parents did a SH!T Job educating you.
And by the way, your spelling leaves a lot to be desired. I Was pointing out the similarities of the phones and the prices involved but apparently it upsets you for paying so much for an Item that you could have got much cheaper.
Anyway, Thanks for reading my input and giving me an idea of your "High" Intelligence Levels. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
(LMAO stands for "Laugh my @rse off")

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