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Download Official SkyDrive Client For Windows And How To Upgrade Your 7 GB Free Storage To 25 GB

SkyDriveWith recently released Google Drive and existing free online storage and synching solutions like Dropbox and SugarSync, there is more to cheer about. Microsoft's own cloud file-syncing solution "SkyDrive" now have a native Windows client, with release of this the service now have native clients on Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and iOS platforms.


Sadly, Microsoft SkyDrive is now offering only 7GB free storage space but if you act in-time and use the trick detailed after the jump you can upgrade to 25 GB online-storage for free.

To get you account upgraded to 25 GB storage, follow the steps below :

  • Open this page -!/ManageStorage and login with your "Windows Live" credentials.
  • Now click the "Free upgrade!" button to increase your storage space.
  • Free SkyDrive Storage
  • The upgeade will get confirmed and your account will now have 25 GB of free secure, online storage space.
Download SkyDrive Apps For Your Platform:


You can only get upgraded to 25gb if you're existing user when Microsoft made changes from 25gb to 7gb. If you create a new account now, then you can't get option to upgrade to 25gb.

Just done and worked fine....thanks's not working..there's no "free upgrade" button

Worked like a charm...BUT, will there be any future repercussions?

Thanks.....It's Working Properly and without any hassle.

Not true. I just signed up as a new user.

There are ALWAYS repercussions with MS.

It's nicely working!!

See Picture:

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