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Carabinsi : The Smart Carabiners

Everything is getting smarter these days, so why not "Smart Carabiners". Carabinsi is a brand new thing on Kickstarter. These carabiners will surprise you with the usefulness and unique design, like no other carabiners.

Besides of multi-functions as carabiner, bottle opener, can-opener, cutter and wrench tool with different HEX adapters, they will also show you some magic. The magic is called NFC (near field communication) technology and it is compatible with most latest Android smartphones. NFC chip is hidden behind the logo and it is open-coded, so everyone will be able to program it with some easy steps.

Simplify your actions with NFC technology – open your favorite website, music, (social) application, camera, turn ON/OFF WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and more.

Carabinsi are also a great idea for all music enthusiasts and music bands. A guitar-shaped carabiner with a custom logo, enabling NFC, will direct you to a YouTube channel, that will be programed in advance.

Personalization is as well, one of the cool things on these carabiners. You can choose what logo or picture will have in a socket . Your car brand, favourite sport club, band or anything else.

You can learn more about this interesting new product and get one for yourself at their project page on Kickstarter.

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