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SOAP : The New Age Router With Touchscreen, Home Automation And Power Of Android

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds but ironically the Router we use to consume majority of it remained more or less same since years, a brand new router design is all buckled-up to change this soon. Named "SOAP - The Intelligent Router" aims to be the center hub for your home networking, automation, security, storage and parental control needs.

The first thing you would notice about SOAP would be it's novel touch-screen with full Android OS running under it's hood, a very first of it's kind on any router. Soap will be featuring powerful processing power thanks to the ARM CPU's upto quad core with GB's of RAM and inbuilt SSD storage which was unheard of in the world of routers until now. Soap not only boasts of high-speed, cutting edge Wi-Fi routing capabilities but will also feature top home automation protocols built right into it be it Zigbee, Z-Wave, Insteon, Bluetooth 4.0, X10 RF, 433mhz and many more. This is not all thanks to the Android OS, SOAP can also act as you network guardian and offer numerous features like Parental control, network security, entertainment and wireless-storage solution - do watch the video and comparison chart (with other routers) shared below.

Soap Router


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So they took a cheap router, stuck a cheap tablet on top and they are comparing it to a high end router... It probably won't even reach AC speed nor will it have much range.

What I like the most about this Gadget is that it speaks 4 major home automation protocols (Z-Wave,ZigBee,X10,Insteon) which makes it a really nice home automation controller. Do you have any information on the price? Because controllers that speak 4-5 protocols are generally starting at 300$ price range. The know the range of the wireless communication would be nice as well (the practical one not the theoretical from the paper ;) )

Thanks for the nice article,

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