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The Pirate Bay Decides To Stop Offering Torrent Downloads

World's leading torrent download website ThePirateBay has decided to do away with torrent downloads in upcoming days. In a month's time The Pirate Bay will no longer offer downloads of .torrent files. "Shocked" - don't be, they are just going to move forward to a better alternative offering downloads via magnet links. As of now The Pirate Bay has made the magnet links the default download choice instead of torrents before .torrent file downloads are completely stopped in a month's time from now.

If you are thinking why this step ? the simple answer is "magnet links" needs little bandwidth to host a proxy, is de-centralized in nature and best of all in-case of some legal threats to the site anybody can host a full copy of The Pirate Bay magnet site on a USB thumb drive.


Alot of hot or best rated Torrent and P2P are being dumped, banned, or changed... Pirate bay i actually stopped useing years back when it was a hot site to get on. Not cause alot of user were downloading torrent but because every time i tryied i get SQL bandwidth has far expanded... It drove me nuts... I dont know about magnets... Im a thrid party downloader now.. it takes alot longer but i use file downloader and leave it over night to finish all the thrid party links to finish downloading. I also do not like giving out my proxy in the P2P since S.O.P.A. is marking those who download more then they should

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