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The top 10 Coolest Smartphone Apps of 2013

Android, iOS and Windows, all three operating systems have one thing in common – Apps. It isn’t just enough to own a cool new mobile cause what would you do with it? The above three OS’ have answered that question by keeping you entertained as well as well-informed in the form of Apps. Here we take a look at what you should be looking forward to in 2013.

What are Apps?
Apps or applications are different programs that help us in day to day work or just increase the usefulness of the device at hand. No matter what your requirement is, there is an app that will satisfy it. There are avariety of apps like multimedia apps, file managers, games, business tools, apps that enhance the productivity of your device and so on.

Mi Policia
This app was developed by the Ministry of Public Security in Mexico City. This app is meant for the tourists to the city and it tracks their location and provides an option for notifying the Police in case of trouble in a matter of seconds. The police department hopes that this app will decrease tourist-related crimes in the capital of Mexico. However, there still seems to some bugs in the system and so far is only meant for Mexico. Check it out here

Unify lets us control our Windows PC through our Windows enabled smartphone. This is solely available for Windows 7.5 and newer versions.

Facebook Camera
This nifty app allows you to do some basic editing to your photos and then upload entire albums at a go. This is available for iOS only. But it is still a nifty concept that could be incorporated in Android mobiles. You can find it here

This app lets you store data through the use of cloud computing. You can manage and access your data through your smartphone anywhere and anytime. This app is only available for Android. Skydrive can be downloaded from here

Google Play Music
With over 13 million music tracks that can be downloaded and played this cool app from Google is gaining popularity. Even better features include the option of having a dedicated cloud storage space for 20,000 songs and streamable by all the Android devices one has. It is however, available just for Android. Find Google Play Music here.

101 Great Goals
This a cool app which allows you to view the goals in football matches as soon as the matches are over. It also has a library of the past goals in football. It is meant for iOS only.

This is an Android app that lets you read and view its vast library of eBooks. At the last count there were over a million eBooks available.

Simple Money
This is a handy tool for all those people who have trouble calculating their expenses. It helps in monitoring your income and expenditure and even has the option of generating reports daily, weekly or monthly. Only available for Android enabled devices.

Another popular app for Android phones in India, this player has a multitude of features that makes it very popular with users like the ability to store lyrics and edit the tags of songs in batches. This app is quite a favorite among Bollywood music listeners.

Angry Birds
This game is probably the most-well known, the most played and the most downloaded game of all time. It also has quite a number of sequels and all of them are worth playing. It is available for all smartphone Operating Systems.


I have Acer laptop and Windows 7 OS.

Using Reliance USB Modem for accessing the internet on my laptop.

Would like to build Wifi hotspot on my laptop to enable my Tablet to access the wifi Internet.

Tried many of the guides published on the net but could not succeed.

Unable to install Wireless Hosted Network features of Windows 7.

Any other solution available?

A.S. Bhasker Raj
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You can free utilities like these - or Connectify to get this done.

I have Used all these apps and I must say these app are completely amazing I love to work on these applications.

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