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Funky Looking Glass Command Prompt Window On Windows 7, Vista And XP

Love to try cool customizations on your PC - if yes "Glass CMD for Windows Seven, Vista And XP" is definitely a worth downloading hack enabling cool translucent glassy aero effect on all launched command-prompt windows.

Glassy Command Prompt On Windows 7
Transparent Window
Glassy Command Prompt On Windows XP
Transparent Window XP

The small compiled AutoIt Script works in the background enabling Aero on all newly launched Command windows.

Download Glass CMD :


The soft for xp is not very good..
I cannot resize cmd window..

I liked it very much

very nice,Thanks a lot :)

Nice themes, I hope this will make cmd commands working better

Sorry,but how to use it?
I download it and found that have no Ex_name.

Wow, u have done a great job, this is awesome, i love cmd alot now...
............Hats off..................

apne web page ko aisa banaiye taki ise dekhne me aasani ho.

BSNL Office.

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