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Interesting Facts about US Colleges

Interesting Facts about College Education in the USA

1. 75% of the US high school students are usually accepted to their first-choice colleges, but less than 57% of them can afford to attend it.
2. The largest state university in the USA is Arizona State University in Tempe and New York University is the largest nonprofit private university.

3. In May 2017, there were 1.8 million international students in the USA and 77% of them were from Asia. The most common problem for these students is the lack of writing skills that are necessary for completing numerous college papers so they all need additional instruction in guidelines for writing.
4. California, New York, and Texas are the top three destinations for international students in the US.
5. 23% of the undergraduates who are 24 or younger and are studying full-time work, 20 hours or even more per week.
6. Approximately 70 percent of graduates leave college with student debt.
7. Yale University is famous for Skull and Bones that is the most elite secret society in America which was founded in 1832.
8. The most common major in the US colleges is Business.
9. 73% of American students study at all types of public universities and colleges and only 16% of them are students attending private nonprofit universities and colleges.
10. 60% of middle-class college students will not graduate in 6-8 years for a number of reasons.
11. About 400,000 student-athletes take part in athletic games every year.
12. American colleges and the Department of Education award more than $46 billion in scholarships every year.
13. The average debt of a college student is $23,700.
14. The United States Government would need to spend $62.6 billion every year to make tuition in public colleges free.
15. Only 0.4% of undergraduates study at one of the Ivy League schools.
16. In California, more money is spent on prisoners than on colleges, according to the official report.
17. Students in Kalamazoo, Michigan, study free of charge because the costs for their college education are paid by the anonymous donor.
18. A small college in Oregon has its own nuclear reactor that is operated by undergraduate students and many of them are female.
19. According to different surveys, the majority of US students prefer printed textbooks to electronic ones.
20. An average college student spends $2,800 every year on food and beverages.
21. 2,350,000 of students enter colleges and 1,750,000 people graduate colleges each year.
22. Only 6.9% of applicants who apply to Harvard are accepted.
23. Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan who were the first and the last men to walk on the Moon attended the University of Purdue.
24. The average freshman in the US gains 15 pounds during the first year of college.
25. On average, college students attend 62 parties a year.
26. Students who study at Deep Springs Community College that is situated in the middle of the California Valley, live in campus and do not pay anything but must work 20 hours per week as butchers, cooks, cowboys.
27. The most haunted school in the USA is Ohio University.
28. Students who study Petroleum Engineering are going to make most money after graduation – about $120,000.
29. Abraham Lincoln, John D. Rockefeller, and Walt Disney are famous people who didn’t have a college degree.
30. The number of students who are earning their degree in education has declined 5% in 10 years.
31. The Ashmun Institute was founded in 1854 as the first college for African-American students. Later it was renamed Lincoln University.
32. Costs for higher education account for 3% of the gross national product.
33. Over 4,000 accredited US colleges and universities enroll over 15 million students.
34. Early colleges in the USA were forced to accept food, pewter, sheep, and cotton as payments due to hard times.
35. The majority of foreign students who study in the USA come from India, China, and Soth Korea.
36. Harvard University gets the largest in the world financial endowments at $26 billion.
37. Currently, there are only 4 all-male colleges in the country and 60 all-female.
38. Oberlin College was the first college to grant a degree to an African-American woman in 1862.
39. Dave MacPherson was the first student who entered Disneyland.

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