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Video Demo Of Windows 8 Build 7955

Microsoft Windows 8 M1 Build 6.1.7850 got leaked for public downloading but if you don't want to mess-up with a pre-build version of the future OS and still want to see what's in here is a video demonstration of "Windows 8 Build 7955". The video shows the new logon process and the metro design language.

Windows 8 Demo


This is the same old Windows 7 with a SP1 or something, please dont f##king lie.

hmmm, not bad. the video doesn't show much alright and the user seems a bit lost.
Am i the only one who noticed that???
Thanks anyways for it. my dvd-drive aint working so i decided not to dload.

Wow what a non event !

Win7 isn't that much better than XP ( if technically at all ... could you add software to XP to make it the same as win7.. YES ).
Win8 just looks stupid ( so far )

.. C'mon Microsoft , Give me a VALID reason to upgrade from XP.

Maybe handle more ram , in 32bit mode ?

Enable software , not optimized for multi-core processing , Make it work with multiple cores ? The os making it happen ?

You know... Make OS features that are not just ,added on pieces of software.

win7 home is crap, if you got that you might as well have stuck with vista (i downloaded and burnt off a copy to see what it was like -what a waste of a disk)

i have multiple computers and i run win7 eternity (based off ultimate) - its a lot better then win7 home, you can do stuff like "run in compatibility mode for 95/98/xp/vista" and through task manager/processes/right-mouse-click, you can "set affinity" to decide what processor runs witch programs - i have my background programs running on 1-3 cores (depending on witch computer) leaving one core only running what I'm using so things like auto anti-virus scans don't hog the machine and slow me down.

i do like xp, and still run it on a second hdd, but some newer software wont run whereas win7E can run xp stuff.

so far from what I've seen i don't think I'm going to bother with win8, most of it just looks like themes that could be added to win7.

set affinity ... also in XP ,doesn't mean that software written for one core will use multiple cores to do tasks. Especially relevant for CPU heavy applications.

XP mode is a disadvantage in Win7. IT requires 2 os running , 2x memory footprint (limited to 4GB max on 32bit), if online ..2 firewalls etc.

I have NO software that will only run on Win7 and not in XP.
But I have lot's of software and some hardware that won't run in Win7 , unless I use XP mode , which I said uses twice the (limited) resources because it is two OS running at the same time.

fact is... 32bit / XP software is the majority.

Microsoft need to focus on making an OS that adds features for existing software.
Access to more ram , more processing features like enabling multicore support for single core applications.
NOT.. Release a completely new OS that is incompatible with the majority of software.
Where the work around is to use twice the system resources for the majority of software.

I have XP 32bit Audio software that loads instruments with rom data into ram , I have 4GB of ram filled in no time. If I use Win7 the ram I have to use is much less than 4GB. (ram is cheap... 32bit os with 64GB of ram / / why not ? it's 100% possible)
Some of my software is single threaded and very CPU heavy (maxes out the latest cpus because it only uses one core ), An OS feature that enables (forces) software to utilize all cores is needed.

I am not alone , the majority of business and corporations have custom software that will only work in Win7 if they update their hardware to 2X the amount they need. Even then they need to migrate parts of systems which is an enormous task.
It's cheaper and easier to continue using XP even after microsoft stop supporting it.
Most businesses will just use a software dev to modify the os.
After all , they have probably spent the last 10 years and enormous amounts of money creating a software system that uses XP as its skeleton.

xp sucks and has more back doors than a gay S*x party

i used windows since old days (win3.11) but didn't like windows 7 and definitely won't use windows 8 if it comes

I'm using xp and it's really great but now i'm using Ubuntu and xp on same computer but mostly Ubuntu and it runs 90% of programs i run on windows it's only problem is that u can't play all games on it since game developers write their games specially for windows, we should support free os cause it's free

Support the free OS, support those who work for free, but don't wait to make great things for free. Why would any big developer care about Linux? Work for free? Nope.

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