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Download Unlimited Bollywood Music, Videos And Games Legally Just For Rs. 149/- Per Month

Hungama LogoNow this seems too good to be true but India's leading telecom service provider BSNL in association with leading entertainment portal Hungama is offering unlimited music, videos and games download for just Rs. 149/- ($3) per month, the flat-fee legal unlimited download service is accessible to all BSNL Broadband customers and can be activated instantly using existing broadband username and password.

Free Bollywood Music Downloads

Almost all the latest bollywood music releases are available for instant download and the music-on-demand library is growing daily with new offerings, the service currently offers more then 50,000+ legal music downloads ranging from bollywood movies, albums, gazals and devotional categories to name a few.

Once logged in users can play online games, preview and download music/videos legally, to benefit from this amazing offer you can visit the subscription page here offering all the help and signup links to get started.

Legal Music Downloads


oh hey would you look at that. Music you pay for. Go figure.

Fertility Is Hereditary, Chances Are If Your Parents Didn't Have Children Neither Will You

I think that was THE most pointless comment. (This one comes in second)

First of all, spell peoples names correctly, second, try to explain why it is pointless? In this day and age very few people buy their music, even if it is illegal it is the way things are. Just stating a fact.

Fertility Is Hereditary, Chances Are If Your Parents Didn't Have Children Neither Will You

So i think that piracy would not/should not be hampered

This is really cool to download unlimited songs by paying a nominal subscription! Well there is a news that Hungama Digital will launch their retail online Music store with the same model soon at Hungama Music


This is a great page where one can even download Old Hindi Songs. Great page to promote for music lovers.

I love to download indian bollywood songs. This is really great for me to listen hindi songs now.

download latest songs bollywood movie songs

It is a good site to download hindi mp3s and music videos.

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