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Use Adobe Reader Lite 9.1 And Say Goodbye To Unwanted Bloat

Adobe ReaderDespite being the standard and most used application for reading PDF documents worldwide Adobe Reader is hated by many, over the time Acrobat Reader has become bloated with unwanted features and increasing loading times making users switching to alternate lightweight PDF readers, being a standard compliant PDF software Adobe Reader has advantages over other PDF readers as it renders PDF documents perfectly when many lightweight PDF readers fail to do so, to solve the bloat problem some talented developers have removed the unwanted bloat from the official Adobe Reader installation and released the non-bloated software as Adobe Reader Lite 9.1.

Adobe Reader 9.1
Adobe Reader Lite 9.1

According to Windows Add/Remove control panel applet the original bloated version used 204 MB of disk space while the liter version used only 64 MB.

Adobe Reader Lite 9.1 Features :

  • Removed features and plugins not needed by average users.
  • Autorun and desktop shortcuts removed .
  • Start menu shortcut converted to non-advertised.
  • Removed Beyond Adobe and License Agreement popups.
  • Removed all auto-update features.
  • Removed AcroRd32Info.exe therefore no errors filling up the event log.
  • Form filling allowed.
  • Disabled the make Adobe Reader better dialog-box and "Create PDF using" from the toolbar.
  • Cosmetic changes and removal of some other unneeded features.

Download Adobe Reader Lite 9.1:


I prefer FoxIT PDF Reader it's like hmm less than 10 meg ? (installed!) loads in a second unlike crapobe

what is light about 63mb?? foxit or sumatra do a perfect job and they are standalone also..

But as the author described and I had also experienced myself these light-weight PDF readers have some issues rendering and correctly printing some PDF's.

btw the fully installed takes 71 mb while the download fiel is 22 mb

and you can also download the file here

download local:


thank you so much for getting rid of the excess bagage :)

Great program! One point of note tho, this program does not not work correctly with the pdf preview handler on 64 bit systems with the reg fix applied. You will need to install foxit preview handler to get it to work!!

Like this program.

update the mediafire link, it's ain't working

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