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How To Create Bootable USB Disk For Seagate SeaTools For DOS

SeaTools is a well known utility from popular HDD manufacturer Seagate, SeaTools free hard drive diagnostic software comes in two flavors one for DOS and other for Windows OS.

While both hard-disk diagnostic tools are excellent, they are different as SeaTools for DOS is more powerful because it is able to access the disks more directly and natively to diagnose the problem correctly. SeaTools for DOS is provided as a standard bootable .ISO CD disk image but since all modern computers support the easier bootable USB medium, here is how to get "SeaTools For DOS Bootable from a USB drive".

Seagate HDD Diagnostic Utility - SeaTools For DOS
Seagate HDD Diagnostic Utility - SeaTools For DOS

To create a bootable SeaTools For DOS USB Drive follow the steps as below :

  1. Download (Filehosting Mirror's : 8.3 MB) and extract to desktop.
  2. Double-click Win32DiskImager.exe to launch "Win32 Disk Imager" which we use to create the bootable USB disc.
  3. Use the "Folder" icon in "Win32 Disk Imager" to browse the "SeaTools.img" file located in same folder.
  4. Make sure the removable disc is plugged into your computer and you are ready to loose any data on that disk, Click "Write" and let the bootable USB disk creation process start.

  5. Once completed your removable USB disk should have files like the ones below.
  6. Have your computer boot from this newly created SeaTools For DOS usb disk and you will launch directly into the interface as shown below.


file is corrupt

I tested the download and once the full-file sizing 8.3 MB is downloaded everything is working fine !!

downloaded second time, and tried to extracted with not luck, it tried to extract but said it is a brocken or missing file, am using winrar to extract.

Have tried twice downloading bootale USB and allways I have get same message, "the compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted" please advice

Why use just SeaTools when the "Ultimate Boot CD" includes SeaTools (both CLI and GUI versions), other HDD diagnostics utilities, and wait for it... over 50 other utilities ranging from partition management, cloning, hardware diagnostics and benchmarking and so on.
It's FREE, and updated almost monthly.
And... you can add your own software to it or customise it in other ways.

It writes to the USB drive, but I only have 9 items on the drive when it is finished, not 11 as shown above. And when I use the flash drive to try to boot the offending PC, it just says "Free DOS" and does not launch SeaTools. Unless someone has an answer pronto, I think I'm just going to go out and buy a CD-R. This is a ridiculous amount of work.


It's well documented that the GUI version of Seatools has issues with mouse/keyboard. Even if you use a PS/2 setup.

There is also a text version. It worked for me. 1980's ugly but it did work.

Can you create it as the bootable USB?



See quote from Seagate below:

v1.10 (Text)
Note: If you have system compatibility problems with the v2 GUI version, please use the v1 Text version. It has the same level of diagnostic capability and hardware support. These two versions are updated and released together.

I have the same issue where it stops with the "FreeDOS" message.

My disk is a Samsung PATA disk in an HP Compaq nx8220. No other computer here has PATA support, so I can't test it elsewhere. (And I don't have any CD-Rs handy)

And I saw 10 files including the hidden file "".

Also having the same problem as above. Just getting to "Freedos", and nothing else. Tried three different USB Drives of varying sizes to no avail. Any word on how to fix this?

Directory Listing:
(10 Items, 1.58MB)

GO to and download seatools for DOS and save the ISO on your hard disk

1)Download YUMI multiboot
2)run UUMI by doubleclicking on it
3) Click on I AGREE
4) Select the drive letter
5)In the box below go to option try an unlisted ISO( boot from Ram)
6. On the box below click browse and give the path to your saved ISO file
7. click CREATE.

thats all . All you have to do is boot from USB and start using the utility.
If in case you have any problem in booting

then download HP usb format tool from

Format your usb-- Uncheck quick format and do a full format( might take some time)

Repeat 1 thro 7. and boot from USB .It should work now !

I have learned about SeaTools. It is free hard drive diagnostic software comes in two flavors one for DOS and other for Windows OS. Bootable USB disk is useful for Seagate SeaTools.

works just fine :D ty ....... doing a Long test on my hdd , does this long test fixes bad sectors ?

I tried Win32DiskImager,
I got the following error:
Incorrect loading mode or incompatible BIOS…

I've asus k42ja laptop with seagate 640GB HDD

YUMI multiboot worked for me, but with NTFS.

Pls can u upload the file which appears in the USB after burning the IMG using win32diskimager

Hello! It is for NTFS (USB file system) or FAT32 (USB file system) ?????


Thank you very much I looked for this because I needed to my profession affiliate profession 2.0, and I was lost while the how to get savar in my disk

bootmgr is missing

Thanks for the info. This is very useful tips for many of us who are going to install an OS to other devices or having just a plain bootable usb drive.

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