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Disable Unwanted Windows Services

SparkleXP - Play Your Core!, Freeware For A Faster & Lighter Windows XP

SparkleXP is a free and open-source utility to tweak Windows XP and improve its performance, SparkleXP helps freeing up computer resources resulting in a faster and responsive computer.

SparkleXP tweaks your XP settings in a fully automated and safe way to achieve maximum performance, this fantastic little tool creates a additional Hardware Profile and a correlative new User on your Windows XP system to get a lightweight desktop, you can choose to boot into your regular or lightweight desktop configuration at startup.

Following XP settings are tweaked on your system:

  • System services
  • Hardware profile
  • User profile
  • User policies
  • Taskbar
  • Program priority
  • Start menu
  • Desktop
  • System registry

Windows XP Running Processes Before Tweaking:

Windows XP Running Processes After Tweaking:

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