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How To Rip Music CD's In Windows 7 Using Windows Media Player 12

MP3 is current generations music storage/sharing format so if you have Audio CD's and would like to convert them to MP3 this post is for you. Thankfully to get this job done you don't need any additional software as most major media-players like iTunes and Microsoft Windows Media Player comes with built-in Audio CD To MP3 ripping functionality. The whole process is very easy and here we have full instructions on how to convert ripcd's on Windows 7 using Windows Media Player 12.

WMP 12 Audio CD
  1. Load your Audio CD in the drive and launch Windows Media Player 12.
  2. WMP 12 Audio CD
  3. Most probably your Audio CD will be listed with Unknown Album and other missing details, but the solution is simple - just select the tracks, right-click and click "Find album info" to let WMP12 search and fetch missing album information from internet.
  4. WMP 12 Find Album Information
    WMP 12 Album Information
    Found Album Information
    Completed Album Info
  5. Now click the "Rip CD" button to start the Audio CD ripping process.
  6. Rip Audio CD
  7. The ripping process is now started and progress is shown.
  8. Audio CD Ripping Progress
  9. If for some reason you want to stop the process Stop rip button can be used.
  10. Stop Ripping
  11. Once completed the converted MP3 album will be available in your "My Music" folder (if you have not changed the default save location).
  12. Ripped Music Location


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