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Microsoft Updating Files Without User Consent and Windows Update Turned Off !!

Microsoft is doing it again, users are reporting stealth updates at Microsoft Windows XP and Vista forums, files are getting updated without consent and even while Windows Update is turned off.

The new update has the version number 7.0.6000.381,A user Dean-Dean at the Microsoft forum states:

"Windows Update Software 7.0.6000.381 is an update to Windows Update itself. It is an update for both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unless the update is installed, Windows Update won't work, at least in terms of searching for further updates. Normal use of Windows Update, in other words, is blocked until this update is installed."

Dean-Dean names several files that are changed on XP and Vista as below:

In XP, the following files are updated:

1. cdm.dll
2. wuapi.dll
3. wuauclt.exe
4. wuaucpl.cpl
5. wuaueng.dll
6. wucltui.dll
7. wups.dll
8. wups2.dll
9. wuweb.dll

In Vista, the following files are updated:

1. wuapi.dll
2. wuapp.exe
3. wuauclt.exe
4. wuaueng.dll
5. wucltux.dll
6. wudriver.dll
7. wups.dll
8. wups2.dll
9. wuwebv.dll


doze bastards.



(Enter sarcasm mode)
You people are zo stupid. Ve at Big Brother Central..,I mean Microsoft, know vat's good for you. Much besser than you poor sniveling end-users do, dot's vor sure. If ve'd let you, you'd sit zere dumb and happy using Vindows to do just vat YOU vant. But VE, at BIG BROTHER CENTRAL, only vant what's best for you (snicker). Zo jump through the hoops peons.You vill do vat VE say. Vezer you know it or not.
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I recently went round and round with the idiots at WGA HQ over it. WGA was reporting a client's XP Pro installation was invalid.(Blue systray star..."Your computer may be at risk" ...Freaking the client pretty badly, pissing me off in the extreme)
I built the bloody machine, I installed a virgin copy of the OS and used a virgin PIN. No tech, friend, or neighborhood guru had touched that machine but me (and the owner, natch, who still thinks the little arrow thingie is called a quasar) So sitting there being told it was a bad Product Key while I was staring at the Cert of Authenticity was, to say the least, infuriating. No answer to why it was occuring, but they were willing to sell me a "valid" copy for only $149.00USD. Typical MS B/S. Told 'em, in so many words, to stuff it, dumped WGA.XXX; end of problem. I'll do the appropriate (and needed, if any)updates myself.
Tech note:
There are two files:WGA.exe and WGA.Dll,
(each duplicated in two places in C:\WINDOWS\system32) and C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache,
which control this shebang.

By renaming to WGA_exe.txt and WGA_dll.txt (or simply deleting them) Windows can't find them and the issue is moot. (I tend to rename so that the file is in place and available, just unusable by the OS unless renamed again.) Of course you can't get the, oh so wonderful updates and patches (which seem to be repatched almost daily), but then if they are actually important they tend to be made available from third party sources.

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There are only two infinite things: Microsoft's corporate ego ... and the universe ... and I'm STILL not sure about the universe.
-Albert Einstein

To the lowest level of Dante's Inferno with ye, Microsoft.

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