Your LG SmartTV Is Spying On You : Logs Whatever You Watch Including Content From USB Drives To Remote Server

Your privacy is at great risk in this era of Internet of things, after revelation of spying backdoor's in Internet routers and Chinese Electric Goods we now have another revelation of spying by LG SmartTV's. Findings made by developer @DoctorBeet revealed how LG is spying on users watching habits including logging of file-names watched by users from there external USB disk drivers as shown below to remote servers. The communication is clearly sending out "unique device ID" (which could be traced back to you) along with the information about what is being watched and too completely unencrypted.

Smart TV the new combo solution for downloading Torrents and Hosters. is a new online cloud storage and download service that allows you to download files from torrents, video sharing sites, and over 80 different file hosters! It’s a combo solution worth trying out.

HOSTERS: Putdrive currently supports over 80 different file hosters. Just paste the URL of the file and it will automatically download the file on your online cloud drive. Later you can download the files from your cloud drive using a download manager.

TORRENTS: The second Putdrive hit- feature is Torrent downloading. You can download torrents to your cloud drive 100% anonymously by pasting the magnet URL, torrent URL or by uploading the actual torrent file. You select the “Put Files” tab and paste or upload your torrent. Once you hit “Start Putting”, it will start to download the entire content of the torrent file to your cloud drive. You can then download the files to your PC from your cloud drive by using your internet browser or download manager.


Giveaway for Softtote Mac Photo Recovery

Unlike Windows there are not many free utilities for Mac Data Recovery, Softtote Photo Recovery for Mac is a product that needs $39.99 to get a license code for registration, but now you have a chance to win a free license key. So, capture this opportunity to get one of the 20 free license codes.

When we enjoy benefits of science and technology, our precious electronic data is under more threats in the meantime. Data loss results from many reasons, like inadvertent deletion/format, system crash, data transfer error, power failure, as well as virus attack, etc. What if you are faced with these situations, what should you do? Fortunately, you can get your precious photos, videos, and music files back from Mac-based IDE/SATA/SCSI/External/USB HDD, CF/SD cards, SSD, Hardware RAID, Memory card/Stick by photo recovery software.

Softtote Photo Recovery for Mac is such a kind of utility which can retrieve lost/ deleted/ formatted/ corrupted/ inaccessible photos, audios and videos from Mac hard drive and other media storage devices due to some common reasons mentioned above. It earns its place in data recovery market because of powerful recovery ability and high compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8/ 10.9.

The Internet War Report : Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders of the Past Decade

There is a popular saying "Nothing is permanent except change" (~ Heraclitus), and same holds true for technology. Here is an interesting info-graphic visualizing "The Internet War Report", with some interesting insights into how things changed with social Media, OS & Browser Leaders during the past decade.

Internet War Report

MenuetOS - GUI OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language Fits On A Floppy, Supports USB, Network And Multimedia

MenuetOS is a name you might have NOT heard before, if not let me introduce to this little beauty. The open-source, GUI capable operating-system for x86 architecture is written entirely in assembly language which makes it highly efficient and allows it to fit on a floppy-disk. The operating-system just went to version 1.0 after 13 years of development, despite being tiny in size it supports full range of services needed to be a complete OS like support for USB devices like storage, printers, webcams and digital TV tuners and support for gaming, multimedia and basic networking. The MenuetOS supports multitasking with multiprocessor and multithreading, skinnable GUI upto 1920x1080 (16 million colors), capability to run games like Doom, Quake and utilities like DosBox and many more unimaginable features for an OS sizing less then 1.4 MB in size.


2013 Thanksgiving Giveaway from MacXDVD: Convert Any Video to iPhone 5S, iPad Air

Once again holiday season is coming and so does the giveaway offers, What good is having a heap of video files in MP4, AVI, MKV, MTS, etc if you cannot watch them on your favorite gadget? So if you'd like to make your videos cut the cord on whatever phone or tablet you have, you need some video transcoding magic. Luckily, MacXDVD, just in time for Thanksgiving, makes it easier than ever by giving away its MacX Video Converter Pro utility expressing gratitude to their long supporters during this grateful season.

What calls for special attention is that this Thanksgiving giveaway carnival runs on Nov 13 and will expire on Dec 6. So if you want to convert video into a format for playback on your gadget at one go without costing a dime, please feel free to visit MacXDVD 2013 Giveaway Page before Dec 6, 2013.

How To Embed A Chat Widget To Your Website Easily Using Chatwing

We shared an excellent easy to use, plug-n-play chat system Chatwing for websites and blogs earlier, here is yet another post showing in details how to customize and use the embeddable chat system on your websites.

A chatroom that is very easy to use and manage can provide a site more opportunities to draw in more traffic. And with Chatwing chat software, it’s pretty easy to get that kind of chatting tool. It’s because Chatwing has excellent chatting capabilities coupled with a lot of features that compliments it, making it the last chatting tool you’re going to need.

Listed below is a step by step procedure as to how you can embed this pretty efficient chatroom on your site. Follow it from the beginning to the end, and you’ll have a brand new chatroom in no time!

Step 1: Get a Chatwing Account

First, go to Chatwing’s homepage and open the registration form. You’ll need to fill it up with a valid email address and your desired password, along with checking the boxes below it. Submit it when you’re done to head on to the next page.

Free Promo Code Giveaway For iGreetingCard Holidays

Holiday season is coming and if you are looking for a tool that turns photo into personal greeting card or an easy way to make greeting card in the holiday season, then iGreetingCard Holidays would be a nice choice. iGreetingCard Holidays, a product of Softease Tech Co. Limited is a specially designed for holiday events. This version includes ready-to-use themed templates for most of popular holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more. Currently, iGreetingCard Holidays contains over 100 templates that are all well-designed and looks professional. Since each element can be easily replaced or adjusted, the users gets to design a completely customized greeting card of professional quality in just a few steps.

iGreetingCard Holidays

The "Big G" Wants To Track Everywhere You Go And Target Advertising

We all know that Google (or infact any online service supported by advertising) and privacy do not get along very well, be it the Google Shared Endorsements, the all-new Smart Caller ID, Google Street View and even Google Glass. The aim of Google to get more and more information about you (see Google Toilet video) is not only to help organize your life but also do highly targeted behavioral advertising (see The Google Master Plan) and Google is now taking this to a whole new level with reports of a beta program which tracks consumers purchasing habits at physical stores via smartphones.

Google Tracking

How Market Share And Use Of Cell Phones Is Increasing

Yesterday we shared an informative graphic showing region-wise penetration of mobile operating-system around the globe and today we have a new infographic visualizing some interesting data on - "How Market Share And Use Of Cell Phones Is Increasing".


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