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Trick To Directly Dial Customer Care Representative Bypassing The IVR

Customer ServiceNobody likes to listen support service touch-tone menus when trying to reach call-center support executive, luckily if you are in USA or Canada free deep-dialing service Fonolo takes the pain out of lengthy and boring phone-menu navigation automating the whole process letting you reach the desired option fast, but if you are in other countries here is a simple trick which will let you dial directly to the desired location in IVR system and reach the support executive.

IVR Menu

To get this working all you need to do is to dial your support service number and append "p" and then option-number as per menu choice, for example the customer-care number for Airtel India is 121 and to reach customer-care executive we need to navigate 121->2->2->2->9, now to reach this destination directly you need to dial 121p2p2p2p9 and you will reach support-executive directly without any further input, simply save this as an phonebook entry for faster access later.

To enter letter "p" press * symbol thrice (tested on Nokia phones only).


nice one yr

this was gr8 man...

thanks .....

Thanks foe samsung keep * button pressed for few sec.

this is realy nice, thanks for info.

it isnt working yaar....

Thank you for helping undo what should never been done in the first place. No paying customer should have to talk to a robot. I wish someone would write a virus for IVR systems and bring back customer service. If I wanted to talk to a robot I'd talk to cleverbot.

How to enter 'p' for micromax phones ?

he he he he. Baby p mean press 2 :D


I need AirTel VIP number,postpaid.its urgent.

mere pH m ye 121<2-2-2-9 kaam nhi kar raha. 121 k baad fixed naam ka koi option aa raha h

I am not sure who maintains this website, and when was this shit posted which does not work any more, I am trying to talk to damn customer support people regarding my pre-paid services, and could not reach to them at all. can anyone suggest me a number to call airtel pre-paid customer care, 121 is a shitty number.

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