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Solution for WhatsApp Error - "Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again."

We have seen how iTunes cryptic numeric error codes can be a huge pain to understand and solve. Imagine the confusion and frustration when an application clearly shows the error and it's solution but refuses to work even after the remedy, while WhatsApp for PC is definetly a good idea using it on mobile platform is the intended usage. I recently came across an strange error on my friends WhatsApp install on an Google Android tablet where it refused to launch showing "Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again." error, strangely the date and time settings were accurate and even network fetched clock sync did not make WhatsApp buzz.

Whats App Date Error

After trying many date and time related settings and numerous rebooting I finally found the problem to be an outdated version of WhatsApp, simply installing the latest update fixed the issue.

WhatsApp Error Fix


thnks a lot it helped

for me i uninstall first and restarted the mob then downloaded from Whatsapp Site

it worked..

your phone date is inaccurate! adjust your clock an try again.
It's not working
plz replay me another solution

Did you read the above?, Remove WhatsApp and install again from Play store.

your telephone date is erroneous! change your timepiece a great look at all over again.

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