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Indian Railway Train Booking Error "The Dates given were outside ARP"

There are numerous examples of cryptic error messages which are hard or even impossible to get a meaning out of, I encountered one such error while trying to book train tickets using Indian Railways online ticketing facility provided by The error message was "The Dates given were outside ARP", while not too cryptic the message was also not very much self-explanatory and leaves no clues on what ARP means here???


Aimersoft Youtube Downloader Worth $29 USD For Free

It's holiday season and to celebrate it we have a brand new giveaway of Aimersoft Youtube Downloader Worth $29 for everybody. The all-in-one video downloader and converter is all you need to download and convert videos from a variety of video web-sites with a single click. The utility also features handy functions like "auto-shutdown", built-in support for conversion to multiple audio/video formats and above all the ability to provide output in mobile device optimized formats for iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and other numerous other devices. Don't wait and grab this before it's gone.

Aimersoft Youtube Downloader

WinX DVD Copy Pro Review and Christmas Giveaway with License keys

Now 2013 is wrapping up, some of us are clearing up the stuff bought this year which includes hot movies DVDs such as Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Superman: Man of Steal, Pacific Rim, etc. A safe way to protect these DVDs from damage or scratch is make a digital copy on your computer or even make a duplicate - clone DVD to DVD discs. It is an easy job as we can find lots of DVD backup tools from the internet. But today I would like to recommend a powerful DVD copy software without paying a cent, i.e. WinX DVD Copy Pro from Digiarty Software, Inc.

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a universal DVD copy software to help DVD collectors back up their DVDs for safe storage, later burning or playing. It offers four main options to back up DVDs, including clone DVD to blank DVD disc, copy DVD to ISO image, copy DVD to VIDEO_TS folder and copy DVD to MPEG2 format while keeping 5.1 channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio effect. In my opinion, WinX DVD Copy Pro will definitely meet your daily DVD backup requirements.

Piixl Jetpack - SteamOS Gaming PC That Hides Behind Your TV

PiixlWhy waste space for desktop computer and pay additional cost for a computer-screen when your existing LED TV can do this for you. Piixl Jetpack is an upcoming compact computer which allows you to do exactly that. Aimed to be an gaming PC powered by upcoming SteamOS, the PC will also be able to run your favorite flavor of Windows or Linux operating-system. Featuring an expandable chassis supporting "Open PC Architecture" (allowing a wide variety of hardware customization) the ultra-thin and quiet Jetpack will be mountable directly to the back of a television screen or under a table via standard VESA mount specifications. No price information is yet announced but since Piixl Jetpack is not the only one joining the revolutionary "Computer behind TV" concept powered by SteamOS, consumers will surely get a worthy deal in near future.

Piixl Jetpack
Piixl Jetpack

PicLight – Perfect App for Creating Effected Photos on Mac

PicLight for Mac by PearlMountain Technology is a quick and easy photo-enhancing app for photographers of all skill levels. You can make an awesome and unique looking picture by playing around with more than 170 lighting effects and 25+ stylish image filters.

The interface itself is pretty elegant and straightforward. You’ll have a clear understanding about the app with all the buttons telling you what you are going to do with. Once you open the app, you are allowed to add a favorite photo by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, you are free to upload your photo with the Load/Import Photo button. Anyhow, choose the way you like.

Piclight For Mac

Along with 170+ lighting effects separated in four categories - Montage, Light, Glow and Texture - you can layer effects for virtually limitless possibilities. Just re-click the chosen effect to cancel the result.

Blending modes such as Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge and Lighter can be found in PicLight, which give users a wide choice to change the effects of layers. Meanwhile, Alpha can be easily fine-tuned to change the opacity of the lighting effects. If needed, flip the lighting effects to the best angle.

Multiprocess Firefox For Better Security And Performance

Internet Explorer 8 was the very first web-browser to utilize separate processes followed by Google Chrome, the separation of UI and multiple “content” processes to host web-content results in better security and performance. Using separate content processes allows them to be properly sandboxed enhancing security and will also result in better UI responsiveness as the browser UI would not be affected by poor performance of content processes.

Although the underlying Gecko platform on which Firefox runs supports multiple processes, the Firefox frontend is not designed to use them. Work to make the frontend support multiple processes began in early 2013, and fruits of the work are now available in Nightly builds of the browser. The new multi-process Firefox will make it a more stable web-browser, a crash in “content” process will not kill the entire browser and will show something like below telling which tab crashed allowing them to be reloaded.

Multiprocess Firefox

KolibriOS - A Complete GUI Operating-System Sizing ~ 6 MB And Boots In Less Than 10 Seconds

The amazing MenuetOS sizing ~ 1.4 MB has a sibling. Known as KolibriOS, the open-source operating system is a forked off project being devloped separately from MenuetOS since 2004. The tiny but incredibly powerful and fast operating system comes bundled in roughly 6 megabytes megabyte of disk space and needs only 8MB of RAM to run. In comparison to it's parent 'MenuetOS', Kolibri features a rich set of extra applications that include word processor, image viewer, graphical editor, web browser, well over 30 exciting games and has 200+ applications developed so far. Full read/write for FAT12/16/32 and read-only access for NTFS, ISO9660 and Ext2/3/4 is supported. Kernel and drivers (supports all popular sound, network and graphics cards) are written entirely in FASM assembly language giving the OS it's signature speed, the developer dares users to compare it's speed with OS heavyweights Windows and Linux. Don't forget to watch the video demo posted below.


Aimersoft Music Recorder Giveaway

Live Radio Copy

Ever hear a song on internet radio and wish you could have it saved to one of your preferred playlist? Well, that’s now an option with the Aimersoft Music Recorder. This wildly-coveted computer software has taken the music industry by storm in just a short time.

What are its Capabilities?

No matter what your favorite internet radio service might be (i.e. SiriusXM, Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.), record any song that may be below-standard to high quality M4A/MP3 files. This software has what is called intelligent recognition technology. The Aimersoft Music Recorder will automatically tag artists, song titles, album covers, album names and genre information for every music files after the recording. Even if it’s local music that you’re listening to, it’s no problem to get the information that you need. The Schedule Tasks function allows you to set recording times that work best for you.

The Aimersoft Library enables you to organize your music neatly and create ringtones for the iPhone & Androids from the library recording collections. Enjoy creating, editing or deleting playlists from recordings. Edit recorded music file info as you please and apply recordings to applications such as iTunes and programs alike. This software has a streamlined user-interface, making it really easy to operate.

The Aimersoft Music Recorder will automatically separate tracks when a silence overdoes the user-defined time, via the most accurate track splitting algorithms. All tracks will be recorded one at a time and there’s no need to worry about any part of the track being cut out. The ability to filter out annoying static and ads when the audio is less than perfect is what people love the most. All track recorded by this music recording software are consistent with the user’s preferences.

Video recording are also enabled with this appliance. With sites such as YouTube, and applications like the Windows Media Player, you can capture it all for immediate playback at any time.

Giveaway for Softtote Mac Photo Recovery

Unlike Windows there are not many free utilities for Mac Data Recovery, Softtote Photo Recovery for Mac is a product that needs $39.99 to get a license code for registration, but now you have a chance to win a free license key. So, capture this opportunity to get one of the 20 free license codes.

When we enjoy benefits of science and technology, our precious electronic data is under more threats in the meantime. Data loss results from many reasons, like inadvertent deletion/format, system crash, data transfer error, power failure, as well as virus attack, etc. What if you are faced with these situations, what should you do? Fortunately, you can get your precious photos, videos, and music files back from Mac-based IDE/SATA/SCSI/External/USB HDD, CF/SD cards, SSD, Hardware RAID, Memory card/Stick by photo recovery software.

Softtote Photo Recovery for Mac is such a kind of utility which can retrieve lost/ deleted/ formatted/ corrupted/ inaccessible photos, audios and videos from Mac hard drive and other media storage devices due to some common reasons mentioned above. It earns its place in data recovery market because of powerful recovery ability and high compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8/ 10.9.

The Internet War Report : Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders of the Past Decade

There is a popular saying "Nothing is permanent except change" (~ Heraclitus), and same holds true for technology. Here is an interesting info-graphic visualizing "The Internet War Report", with some interesting insights into how things changed with social Media, OS & Browser Leaders during the past decade.

Internet War Report
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