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Customer Service Bots to Game Personalization: 4 Potential Applications of AI in Online Gaming Platforms

The gaming sector has seen serious changes in the past few years. For example, it is now more competitive as new game developers create exciting new games. We also see an increase in gamers' demand for new genres as their appetites for new adventures grow.

However, using artificial intelligence in games is one of the biggest inventions changing online gaming experiences. Of course, AI is now used in almost all, if not all, aspects of our endeavors, and the gaming industry is not left behind.

The industry of video games, for instance, is expected to be worth approximately 300 billion dollars by 2027, and researchers have associated this fast growth with AI capabilities. This groundbreaking technology is changing how people play online games for the better in several ways. Let’s look at four ways AI is being applied in online gameplay.

Customer Service AI Bots

Any online gaming platform that wants to achieve serious success must take its customer service seriously, and AI is helping many developers achieve this. Many online games today have chatbots helping players receive the support they need. These AI tools can understand and answer questions in a way that will make it seem like the user is talking to an actual human customer service rep. They can provide instant and personalized assistance.

Let’s take online casino games like roulette, for instance. Many casinos now use chatbots powered by AI to support their customers. Roulette can be tricky. So, many players, especially beginners, usually have questions about its rules and strategies. With a chatbot, players can get answers to their questions instantly. This will improve their experience playing the game and reduce frustration.

But AI chatbots in roulette casino games can do more than just answer questions. They can also assist with account management. They can provide tips for improving players' skills and even offer personalized recommendations based on your playing history and preferences.

Game Personalization

One of the most popular ways AI is used in games is to give users a unique experience. If you have ever felt like your favorite game needed to be customized more to your interests, this feature will improve your gaming.

AI analyzes player data, such as their gaming style and preferences. It can then use this data to customize each player’s gaming. For example, it can change how hard a game is based on a player’s skills in a way that is not too easy or too difficult for them. This way, the player will not get too bored or frustrated to abandon the game. It can also recommend new games to a player based on their interests. This personalization improves the user’s experience, and this can make them loyal to the gaming platform.

Intelligent Non-Player Characters

NPCs play a huge role in bringing online games to life. And with artificial intelligence, these computer-controlled characters have become way more realistic and fun to interact with.

AI gives NPCs the ability to think and respond intelligently. Instead of just following the same predictable scripts, they can learn from the player's actions and switch up their own tactics based on them. This makes gaming sessions feel much more dynamic and true-to-life - like you're adventuring alongside real personalities instead of robots.

Take a fantasy role-playing game, for example. With AI under the hood, the NPCs you meet could actually hold logical conversations, reacting naturally to your dialogue choices. Or think about battles rather than just cycling through the same attack patterns. AI-driven enemies could study your fighting style and counter with smart new moves. It keeps every playthrough fresh and challenging in a way that feels completely organic.

Cheat Detection and Fair Gameplay

The truth is that many players use crooked means to try to win while playing games online. This can reduce the integrity of many games and make them less enjoyable for sincere players. However, with AI, developers can eliminate this problem and ensure fair gameplay among all their users.

Artificial intelligence can help achieve fair gaming experiences by analyzing player behavior patterns. From its analysis, AI algorithms can see and flag suspicious activities, like when a player uses unauthorized third-party software. This way, gaming platforms can quickly take action against cheaters and ensure the integrity of their platform for legitimate players.

Another way AI can ensure fairness in gaming is by monitoring transactions on the platform and preventing fraudulent activities. Issues like the unauthorized duplication or transfer of virtual assets can be avoided if AI algorithms can quickly recognize and flag them. This protects players and the platform's money.

While AI can be used in different ways to improve online gaming for both players and gaming platforms, scholars have some concerns. The technology has some issues regarding ethics and privacy, which many developers must address as they use the technology to better their products. They must protect their users’ data, avoid biases, and be transparent when using artificial intelligence. With these issues in mind, we can expect the technology to grow and further improve players' gaming.

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