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iPhone 4S Grills Android in Browser and GPU Performance Tests

While Apple is facing demand-and-supply capacity issues with iOS5 for the time-being. Apple do have another powerful ally in the battle for supremacy in the mobile space, we’re a bit curious how the game has changed and how Android’s line of devices will manage to retain its advantage over the iPhone. Many things have happened over at Cupertino County lately. Although Apple’s legendary co-founder passed away to everyone’s grief, the tech giant managed to release the iPhone 4S – an entirely revamped version of the iPhone 4 and is expected to alter the course of the game. The folks over at AnandTech managed to conduct a series of tests with the newly release iPhone 4S and compared it with the top of the line Android devices including Samsung’s Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 – both of which are the leading contenders of the iOS. The said series of tests initiated by the popular benchmarking site was all about browser speed and GPU performance. And boy it sure looks interesting.

iPhone 4S benchmark

The first test was all about the browser JavaScript performance. Judging from the results shown below, the newly released iPhone 4S seems to be performing quite really well as expected. It appears that the searing speed of the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 wasn’t enough to keep the iPhone down. Honeycomb could play a vital part too since it has been known to supercharge browser speeds at significant levels. While the Android stock browser is really not the ideal choice of the majority, 3rd party browsers such as Dolphin are working flawlessly in the platform. On the other hand, the iPhone 4S seems to have utilized the benefits of iOS 5 and you can see the big difference when compared to the iPhone 4’s results.

iPhone 4S Vs Others

Surprisingly, the GPU performance test was a different story. We all know that Apple has already been a long-time user of the Open Graphics Library or OpenGL, and perhaps it’s the reason why both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S are leading the graphics benchmark tests. There’s also another reason – both devices are also hardware-accelerated. As you might have observed, the iPhone 4 didn’t really mattered a lot when compared to the Galaxy S II’s graphics performance. All was well until the letter S was added to the iPhone 4. Call it super, speedy, or whatever. But this goes to show that the battle is still far from being over. Android might have been bruised in this particular test, but once the Ice Cream Sandwich arrives, the tables will be turned.

iPhone 4S Comparison Chart

Benchmark Courtesy : Annandtech


Sigh, read the comments on the article first, the scores are wrong, SGS2 is still faster.

Dream on baby.. iPhone 4S is way, way better for now.

who is the fool to believe this.
the fact is.
android browsing == desktop browsing.
iphone browsing == mobile browsing.

patched ios will never beat clean android os. not in multitasking or browsing.

Apple (whatever product) still remains d world smartest phone ever made!!! They re d pioneers of touch screen tech nd smartness if a gizmo! Good fir u Samsung but u were n a hurry to bring out ur galaxy dat why I noticed Samsung wasn't trying to do somethn other than competition hence d copycat!!!!

Great word press blog here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours these days.

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