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Revolutionizing Web 2.0 Email Technology with Fluent

One look at Fluent’s interactive demo will make you look at email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook in disgust. Created by Australian developers Cameron Adams, Jochen Bekmann and Dhanji Prasanna, who just quit their lucrative jobs at Google after Google Wave was axed, Fluent aims to take off where Google Wave has left off. Fluent blends social networking, cloud folders, email accounts and personal diaries into one nifty package.

The response to the service when it was first released as a beta service was so overwhelming that the limited signups (around 500) were all filled up within minutes after launch. As we pen our thoughts about Fluent as of this moment, the app is still in the beta stages and the developers are still expecting the service to be launched somewhere around the end of the year. For now let's look at what the service has in store for us.

User Interface

The biggest thing that users will appreciate about the service is the user interface. Although webmail providers like Yahoo have tried their best to improve their user interface, none of the current email services can honestly compare to the great look and feel of Fluent’s interface. As soon as you open a mail, you can send a quick reply just like you would comment on Facebook.

Images and files sent to you can be easily viewed through the attachments tab or by directly clicking the file. You no longer need to download your attachments and then upload them to your Dropbox or other similar services manually. Literally, everything can be done through Fluent without the need to initiate downloads.

Searching for emails or attachments is also very easy. You can filter your search by a number of criteria like date, image, read or unread. Someone at Google must be kicking themselves for letting go of such talented minds, seriously.

Social Media Integration

We all know that the social media trend is taking over email technology. There are a growing number of people nowadays who prefer to send and receive their messages and files through Facebook’s messaging services simply because it is more convenient for them. People can also follow-up on important conversations without having to leave the platform. Fluent also has something similar or even better.

Users can view their email in a chronological order. You can choose a particular user and a specific timeframe to see the details of the conversations. What's even more promising is the fact that the search feature on Fluent is 20 % faster than Google’s search feature. There are also other features like the capability to view all your images one by one like a slideshow and more.

Cloud Services

Although everything related to cloud services hasn’t been finalized yet, Fluent promises other interesting features like document collaboration, file-sharing and integration with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Docs for premium users when the service launches soon. Unfortunately, the distinguished developers have not revealed much about Fluent’s details as of the moment. For a quick view of Fluent, check out this 98-second introduction video.

Final Verdict

The only word that we can describe Fluent right now is “promising”, since you have to remember that the service is still taking its baby footsteps and is handling very few users at the moment. Another thing to point out is the fact that the service is going to be rolled out into two types: a free service without the cloud integration, and a premium version with cloud integration. The free version will definitely have lots of features stripped away for sure, so you might have to shell out some cash to use the delicious premium features of Fluent.

If you are interested to take a look at the service, you can head over to and try out the demo while signing up using your Gmail account for the service. Due to consistent demand, the website is not taking any more signups right now and you may have to wait for a long time to try out the service. Either way, Fluent looks very promising and ideal for today’s modern setting. We’re even expecting the app to revolutionize email technology in the next coming years.


I have seen some email clients , but this looks super promising . Fluent poses a great threat to outlook and Thunderbird , lol !
Waiting for testing this sweet program .


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