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Bill Gates - Not the world's richest person anymore !!

India'a billionaire Mukesh Ambani displaced long time world's richest person Bill Gates from the hot seat to become the world's richest person, following the strong share price rally on Monday in his three group companies the net worth of Mr. Mukesh Ambani rose to $63.2 billion surpassing Bill gates $62.29 billion.

Source : Times Of India





I like Bill Gates... beachcomber...

Bill gates is agreat person.... he should be the worlds richest person...he is simply great

Who gives a fuck

yeah i dont give a f**k about rich people they got it made who cares.

nice to hear that

Seems someone finally dethroned Bill Gates as the richest person on Earth. I wonder how long it will last...

People always pass Bill Gates at one stage then go back. Some guy from Mexico was the richest for about a month. Then back to Bill. Its just he flip flop thing. Hes indian... he'll probably lose it all betting on the cricket.

bill is the gates :p

Bill gates is the best :)

India is progressing like anything now.

I invite you all to visit New Delhi now. Visit Metro Rail (City Rail System), highways, markets etc. You will be amazed.

Once again India is shining :-)


great ...keep going india

He gives more money away each year than 99.9 percent of the earths population will make in their lifetime, times ten! This worthless Indian is making money off the low wages and child labor that is common in India. It is no surprise, but it is very pathetic that this fool gets any recognition other than being a criminal neo-capitalist!

to be honest with you am sure your familys are the fools and you know what you are jelose that this man has money and God has blessed him and you still in your poorless sorry man you will be in the poorless till the rest of your life you stupid fool

Hi. guys.

India is rich where you can find money with some people. Even today the Indians are very poor.

I wish my country India will rock in future...

Voice of India.



The normal view about India by the whole world is "India is a poor country"..
But now Mukesh had proved that its false.. Not only by having world's first billionaire we should be the best.. But also by occupying all the ten places..
I hope Mukesh'll be a role model for all to become rich in young age..
Also hope India should not be with poor people..


Hi everybody ..
It is so nice to know that an INDIAN has attained this position.

Hats off to INDIA..

all you fu**ing americans and saudi arabians are jealous of the indian that has took over. The top five in the world 2 are indian, two people from what people say india being a third world country buti dont think you can class it as third world are in the top 5 of the world*s richest, soon enough india is going to rule the world, all you fu**ers will need a visa to go there so dont fu** cmoon india keep it up. The true talent is there in india. watch out.

I admire your comment. x

As long as you play with your noses you are going no where loool

Whats is certan is he didnot get rich by staying in india !
india is [EDITED], but there is no shy on sayn it.

Commenters pls. don't show off your low class by commenting useless stupid comments insulting each-others countries, BTW Mukesh Ambani stayes in India and had made all his money from India only.

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Ritesh Verma

I admire Bill. World need like that man much. He never just think for himself. Check on today, he stepped down from ceo position of microsoft and will emphasize on charity. you may compared his richness with others but not his mindsets and good-natured. by the way, this indian richest man cannot do his business without Bill's stuffs.. :)

im an indian and am proud of wat the nidians are doing no need to get jealous

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understood the language you may be surprised


Great laughs in the comments, haha.

To reply to alot of the comments, dont classify a few comments as a whole nationality, I am American and that pisses me off.

That being said, it is also said dont classify a whole country by one man. World's richest man, ok. Sweet. We had it for a long time, but alot of our people are suffering a depression right now. India has the richest man right now, but like us, they have people in need of money badly.

Do not fight over who's country is better, haha, it makes no difference either way. And we all know Australia is going to take over the world. with kangaroos. totally.

Just a bit of a laugh at the end there XD

But yeah, congratulations to the new worlds richest man.

Hello this is for you

India is not shit. but the things you gave was true. But dont tell anything abt india.


you people are so stupid. grow up find something else to do like shooting the worlds richest people. after all, how many people did these guys make poor?

He's rich?
Great for him.
Let's go eat lunch.'s riches man is an indian national..
can this man even dare to give me a laptop???
anyway..congratulations and i hope you dont forget
to thanks God for the blessings he gave you!
more power and God bless.

Wow..indian now is the new richest man in the world, great for him i hope he can help the people in their country because we all know that india is one of the poorest country,,so your constituents...god bless ang happy nwe year...

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