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Motorola Debuts Edible Password Pill For Authentication With External Devices

The head of Google-owned Motorola’s research division, introduced an ingestible vitamin prototype that transforms your entire body into an authentication passcode at the D11 Conference last week. Developed by Proteus Digital Health, the FDA-approved pill includes wearable and ingestible sensors that work together to detect ingestions and physiologic data. The small chip can be switched on and off by users stomach acid, Once activated it creates an individual 18-bit signal that would be detectable by external devices like your phone, computer, and even car for authentication and many other purposes.

The Pill Password


Now...we are done..!
Swallow one and you are one of big brother's chip/number,with all your history ,DNA,saliva,blood and Characteristics of the colon,and who knows ,maybe the reverse data..transmiting.. .controling your mind and behavior...

Pretty neat and very interesting!

Compliments to Motorola researchers for developing this unique product.

This should put an end to passwords being hacked and data stolen.

The applications should be endless.

A. S. Bhasker Raj

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